What Are You Holding On To That Is Holding You Back From Your Purpose?

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Read this and ask yourself, truly ask yourself. Why are you telling yourself that you should be further in life than you are currently? Then follow the question with, what are you holding on to that is holding you back from your purpose? Sit back and allow yourself to be humbled you will be surprised of the answer that you find out about yourself.

Yesterday I was having a conversation with myself. Yes I do that from time to time. I’ve been noticing that more and more people are walking around feeling unfulfilled. Regretting that they didn’t capitalize on their opportunities. I hear

“If I knew then what I know now I would be in a better place.”

“I should be further in my life then where I’m currently at.”

I politely ask why do you say that? Their response is I was being foolish when I was in my youth. I chose the streets instead of wisdom and knowledge. I rejecting the advice that my elders gave me. I traded in my obedience for sacrifice of the life that I should be having for the life that I wanted to have. I seen value in a temporary lifestyle instead of a everlasting lifestyle. I wanted things quick fast and in a hurry instead of taking my time.

I sit back in amazment because the people that I am talking to aren’t eighty or ninety years of age. They are in their mid to late twenties, thirties, fourties, fifties and late sixties. And it’s amazing how they have accepted defeat. It’s truly sad and at the same time humbling because they are not realizing that as long as they have life in their body. As long as the most high keeps waking them up. They can always live again They can always try again. They have a chance. They don’t have to quit, throw in the towel and accept defeat. They have a chance to live right, do right and be right. They don’t have to accept their circumstances and predicaments.

It’s humbling because my dad always told me that you don’t have to touch the fire to know that it is hot and will burn you. Just observe people lives and you will know what to do and what not to do.

However, what’s truly amazing about all of this is all the garbage that they are still holding onto that prevents them from succeeding in life. I question What’s holding them back from what they deserve to have. What’s holding them back from taking that next step toward a better tomorrow? Why can’t they access what’s theirs? Why can’t they let go and allow Yahuah (God) to truly have his way? What aren’t they letting go that is effecting their present and future. What are they benefitting by being hardhead? Why make life more difficult for yourself than it already is? Why aren’t you realizing that today is a new day. All those things that have happened on yesterday is old. You have another chance to live again? Why are you finding comfort in continuing to stay blind and deaf to your opportunities that you have now? Why do you like being alive physically but dead mentally, spiritually and emotionally? You are a warrior. Now why did you trade in your armor for some magic beans? Who told you that this is where your life ends?

Now you answer,

What are somethings in your life that you are holding on to; not allowing yourself to be humble enough to receive direction, that is preventing you from elevating to a level in your life that you believe that you should already be at?


Valentine’s day: The Eve of the “Desired One”

Why do we wait one time out of the year to show our love, care and affection?


Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.

Colossians 2:8

No matter what you may say or think most of the holidays on the calendar have pagan origins behind them.

What is a Pagan??

a follower of a polytheistic religion (as in ancient Rome)

one who has little or no religion and who delights in sensual pleasures and material goods : an irreligious or hedonistic person

Valentine is the day where two people exchange candy, cards, flowers and love. It’s the time of the year where you show your significant other just how special they are. It’s the time of the year where businesses make a billion plus in revenue. However, is Valentine’s Day really about love? Where does such a holiday originate? Why the month February? Does this day have anything to do with Yahuah (God)?


Valentine’s Day is another holiday that has been “whitewashed” to hide the perverted customs and observances of pagan gods and goddesses that have been “Christianized” encouraging the world to partake in. Although Valentine’s Day appear to be innocent, the traditions and customs of this holiday originate from two ancient Roman pagan festivals 1) Lupercalia and 2) The feast of Juno Februata.

Lupercalia (Latin: Lupercalis) relating to the god Lupercus, Roman equivalent of the greek god Pan. Lupercalia is also called dies Februatus.


Lupercalia: The Roman’s festival of “sexual license”

Lupercalia a bloody, violent and sexually-charged celebration awash with animal sacrifice, random matchmaking and coupling in the hopes of warding off evil spirits and infertility. This festival was celebrated on February 15th in honoring the Ancient Romans god Lupercus (The Wolf god), who is the god of fertility, agriculture and shepherds. The luperci (male priests) assisted by the Vestal Virgins (nuns i.e., daughters of nimrod) conducted purification rites by sacrificing goats and dogs in the Lupercal cave on Palatine Hill. This is believed by the Romans that the twins Romulus and Remus had been sheltered and nursed by a she-wolf before they founded Rome.


For this fertility rite, the Luperci would first cut the skins of the goats which they had sacrificed into pieces. “Some of these would be used to cover parts of their bodies so as to imitate their god, who was represented as half naked and half covered with goat-skin. The other pieces of skin would then be cut into straps which were held in their hands. Then, the Luperci would run through the streets of Rome, touching or striking any person they met with their straps – especially women who wanted to conceive.”

source: https://www.ancient-origins.net/myths-legends/lupercal-cave-refuge-romulus-and-remus-and-roman-festival-lupercalia-004538

The instrument that the Luperci used to strike women with is called “Februa” which means instrument of purification and was made from sacrificed goats. The reason why the Luperci struck the women with februa is way to “promote fertility” since most of the women that were seized by Romulus were barren. The Roman month februarius is named after the latin term februum which mean “purification” thus the purification ritual using the instrument of purification februa is where we get the month February.

The month of February was also sacred to the Juno Februata, the goddess of ‘fever’ (febris in Latin) of love, women and marriage in ancient Pagan Rome.

“a box was provided from which single men could draw a “billet” — a small piece of paper on which a woman’s name was written. The couple would then form a temporary liaison for the erotic games to follow. They would remain partners for the following 12 months. Sometimes marriages resulted from this practice.”

Source: http://www.religioustolerance.org/valentine1.htm

The Whitewashing of a Perversion

Now the church tried to change the sexual behavior of this festival by instead placing saints names into the box and the young men would draw a billet and he would have to emulate that saint in which he drawn from the box. however, this failed and during the sixteenth century the church tried once more and failed again. However, in A.D. 494 Pope Gelasius would rename the festival of Juno Februata to “The feast of purification of the virgin Mary.” The date would also be changed from the 15th to the 14th of February to the 2nd and then back to the 14th of February. This festival was also called “The presentation of the lord,” because this is when Mary was purified in the Jewish temple after giving birth to Jesus Christ.

Constantine had made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire in A.D. 325, the church leaders were trying to get rid of the pagan festivals, but Rome was unable to do so. So Pope Gelasius instead changed the holiday from the 15th to the 14th of February and called St. Valentine’s Day. This holiday was named after one of the church’s saints who was executed.

First Valentines

Who is Valentine? Who is he…….???

Valentine at the time in Rome was a popular name and it comes from the latin word Valentinus, which comes from valens, which means “to be strong, powerful and mighty.” Wait don’t this sounds familiar in the bible in the book of Genesis, Nimrod was a mighty hunter before the Lord (Gensis 10:9-11). Lupercus was the Roman version of the Greek god Pan, but the Semites called Pan “BAAL.” Baal is another name for Nimrod who established The Tower of Babel. Nimrod’s mythology is copied all throughout societies. The main ones are Egyptians, Greeks, and the Romans.

The Heart

What does a heart have to do with Valentine’s Day………???

Baal of the Phoencians and Semites. The name Ba’al (Baal) means “Lord or master” and it is mentioned throughout the scriptures as “God and Lord” which are titles of Baal aka Nimrod. In the Chaledeans language of the Babylonians, Bal, which is Baal means “HEART.”


Why a husky man-child with a bow and arrow and wings……????

Cupid is another name for Nimrod. Cupid comes from the latin word cupere which means “to desire.” Cupid is the son of Venus Roman goddess of love. Cupid is also known as Eros in ancient Greece as the son of Aphrodite. Eros means to have love between man and women. Cupid was a archer let me remind you that Nimrod was also skilled at archery. Cupid is depicted with a bow and arrow remember Nimrod was a mighty hunter. Semiramis was Nimrod’s mother and she lusted after him, she “desired” him and later own Nimrod became her cupid/valentine i.e., “desired one.” Cupid has both cruel and happy personalities. Cupid has invisible arrows that have gold tips, he would strike men and women causing them to fall madly in love with each other. Cupid did not do this for their benefit. He did this to drive them crazy with intense passion so their lives could be miserable. Cupid would sit back and laugh at them. Cupid was mischievous.

Valentine’s day cards

So why do we exchange them………….?????

There are at least three different Saint Valentines, all of them martyrs. You can look this up under the martyrologies under the date of 14 February. One is described as the priest in Rome, another is a bishop of Interamna (modern Terni) and the other supposedly died in Africa. These men had suffered in the second half of the third century and were buried on the “flaminian way.”

Valentine, disobeyed Claudius by performing wedding ceremonies for young men, when the Emperor preferred to see them roped into military service rather than marriage. While imprisoned, Valentine fell in love with a young girl who visited him, perhaps the daughter of the jailer. Before he was executed, he allegedly sent her a letter, signed, From your Valentine.

Red Roses

why do we give them………..????

The red rose is the flower of Venus the Roman goddess of love. It is used to symbolize fire and strong emotions

pan, aphrodite and eros

The picture is a depiction of The goat god Pan on the right, Eros at top and Aphrodite to the left. This is Nimrod, Tammuz and Semiramis.


And I will punish Bel in Babylon, and I will bring forth out of his mouth that which he hath swallowed up: and the nations shall not flow together any more unto him: yea, the wall of Babylon shall fall.
My people, go ye out of the midst of her, and deliver ye every man his soul from the fierce anger of the Lord.

Jeremiah 51:44-45

I just want to leave off by saying this why would you allow a holiday to dictate when you should show your love to your significant other. There are 365 days out of the year. you mean to tell me that 364 of those days are spent not caring, appreciating or showing love and care. But on that 365th day, that 1 day out of the year you’re going to spend all this money trying to prove, show and express something that you have the opportunity of doing every other day and IT WON’T COST YOU A DAMN THING.

Hunger for Knowledge, Thirst for Understanding

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Stirring the eagle’s nest


A wise man once told me that “I was not afraid off failure, I was afraid to succeed.” Hearing my dad utter those words, definitely place something on my mind. At the time I did not understand what he meant by that, nor did I ask. Now at the age of twenty-six I understand clearly. Looking back I see that what he said had alot of truth to it. Knowing how my dad talks, I was not shocked by what he said, but how he said it. Normally you would hear someone say, “don’t be afraid of failure.” However, my dad is not normal, hahaa. When my dad was teaching me the fundamentals of life, I would always try to be prefect. I would always try to get everything right. I hated the idea and feelings of failure or just making a mistake. I can’t lie I also would try to be perfect because when your in the process of learning. You have someone teaching you and you don’t want to disappoint them. You don’t want to see frustration show on their face. You don’t want to see disappointment in their eyes. You know what I’m saying?

I believe it’s safe to say that when in a learning stage of life you may not comprehend nor trying to apply to your life the teachings that a person is teaching you. You spend more time  pretending so you can get on that person good side. What’s really going thru the brain is why does this person hate me? Not really understanding that they are pushing you.

You know what’s funny about all of this is that often times in life we want people to help us, but we want to dictate how people help us. I look back on my life and realize that I spent more time fighting not to change then I did to change. I look around the world today and see the exact same thing taking place with other people. For example, when you are helping a three year old tie his/her shoes and they tell you ” no I can do it.” You look at them and say, “let me help you.” They say one more time “no I can do it” and snatch the shoes away from you. So you stand back and watch them put their shoes on and tie them. You notice that they have the shoes on the wrong foot and they look you in the face and say “see I did it.” Now you weren’t amazed that they can put their shoes on and tie them. You are more amazed that they are determined to reject help. I swear we act just like this as people. We reject someone help because we percieved that they are trying to help us with what we know. Naw, they are trying to help us with what we don’t know. The irony of the three year old shoe situation is to show that a person’s help can assist you in avoiding unnecessary mistakes.

Why afraid to succeed? Parent eagles stirs the eagle’s nest so the baby eagle can’t get comfortable on one particular side of the nest. This is done to encourage the eagle to not become dependent on the parent eagles. Oneday they will have to learn how to fly and survive on their own. So many of us want change, but we settle for comfortability. As people we love what makes us comfortable. We love things that make us feel warm and fuzzy. We love things that don’t oppose a challenge to us, but enable us to remain the same. We are not afraid of failure because we accept defeat all the time wether we acknowledge it or don’t acknowledge it. When you constantly fight against knowledge and understanding. You are a willing participant for failure. When you perfer to stay the same way you have always been and expect different results. You’re insane, but a willing participant for failure. When you fall and tell yourself “why should I get back up again. I’m just going to fall again. So I might as well get used to it.” You my friend are a willing participant for failure. Saying words like can’t, quit, and won’t are a person way for filling out an application for failure. So we can’t be afraid of failure when we spend more time fighting against the maturation process. It’s crazy because it’s inside of us to do more and become better. But we live a life that warrants us to do less and become less. But we contradict ourselves because we want more, not less. Well “for unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required.” It’s seems like we are running from the responsibilities of who we are as people instead of accepting what’s ours. It’s crazy because don’t you want to see everything that you are and will be? Is your life anything worth fighting for?

Stirring the eagle’s nest so the young can fly like the rest of the eagles. You see the eagles flies high and looks low. If the eagle was allowed to stay comfortable in it’s situation it would not survive. It would be another species prey. So the eagle is more than capable enough to understand that if I don’t push my young to fly how will they ever take on the true nature of what they were created to be.

Answer these questions

What is your true nature in which you are created to be?

Are you fighting against your maturation process?

Are you comfortable in a particular area of your life that warrants change?


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Remember change is good not bad.


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Remember To Be Thankful

Yo-yo, what it do


There’s so much emphasis placed on what we want and what we need, that we forget to be thankful for everything we have. Constantly striving for more, that our needs become our wants and our wants become our needs. So much emphasis are being placed on our wants and needs being essential. That we forget that our health, life, happiness, families, friends, significant others, activities of our limbs, etc., WHAT WE HAVE is also essential to life.

Don’t just be thankful for what you want and need. Be thankful for what you have as well.

So what do you have in life that you are Thankful for? Post your comments below


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Hunger for knowledge, Thirst for understanding


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Behind the curtain


Go ahead and peek, but I want to show you what’s behind this curtain………

“The body achieves what the mind believes”

I could remember from preschool all the way to my junior year of college I was always getting into trouble. I was always doing something or saying something wrong that would get me sent to the principal office. It’s crazy when I looked back at the situation I say to myself that most of the things that I got in trouble for others were the cause of. This is partially true, because I was a very quiet kid in school. I didn’t like to bother people nor did I want people to bother me. I had a sort of mystique to my character. No one knew who I were? Or what I was about? Because of this I would be picked on alot in school. Man from the clothes that I wore, to my hair cut, to the way I talked, to the way I walked. I would find myself fighting everyday just to have some peace at mind. I was the, “can’t we all just get along kid.” Yup, hahaha that was me. However, the environment around me would dictate otherwise.

It seemed as if I couldn’t catch a break. From day one in school everyone wants to know who is Keyshaun? That would be the question. I wouldn’t really say much because that wasn’t my focus, I was trying to figure out how to survive, grow, cultivate and maximize my full potential as a human before taking my last breath. When other people caught wind of this, they wouldn’t like it. They precieved me to be this standoffish person that kept to himself. They didn’t like being kept out, so I would feel them knocking to be let in. I couldn’t catch a break if my cousins weren’t taunting me, the kids at school were and dare I say the teachers would get opportunities to pick. Now I know lots of kids say to their parents or gaurdians that they are being picked on by the teacher. But I’m not lying, I was picked on alot by the teachers. For example, my fourth grade teacher had me to take a note home that stated your son is being disruptive in school. We need to have a parent teacher conference. My parents asked me, “what did you do.” With tears in my eyes, and confusion brewing in my head I said, “I didn’t do anything. Please believe me.” My parents would go up to the school to hear lies of how I didn’t do my homework and I was not turning in my class work. My dad had to step in and say, “well that’s strange because I stay up with my son until 10pm helping him with every piece of homework. Also, If Keyshaun wasn’t doing well. Then why is my son on the honor roll. Aren’t you giving these grades to him?” I could remember my mom chiming in saying, “what’s the real reason you had us to take off of work missing money to come to our son’s school?” My teacher would have a puzzled look to her face. My dad dismissed me from the class and said go to the cafeteria and have breakfast. I wanted to stay. I needed some answers quick, fast and now. I would return home and my parents asked me to sit down. So, they told me that my teacher said that I was too quiet at school and she wanted to know what was I like at home. As a kid certain things like this kinda fly over your head. It’s hard for a child to wrap his/her mind around that the good behavior that he/she is doing is being percieved by others as odd and abnormal. But, this was just the beginning. Through out school I would be continuously picked with and called names. Also, I would hear people who called themselves my friends, homies and buddies signify on me and make some outlandish presumptions of who I truly am as a person. This was deliberately called dumb and weird because they didn’t know me. And part of that is because I observed people. I watched people from a far so I knew who to associate myself with and who I should avoid at all cost.

Due to my environment dictating my circumstance and everywhere I went to school was the same outcome. I began to believe these things. I had no choice, this was a repeative cycle that did not stop. I began to act out of character. I had a breaking point and said to the very ones that picked with me. This is what you want, you want to know who I really am. Here it is. From doing this someone planted a seed within me of if you were to give people what they want they would leave you along. So, I acted out on this idea and boy was that wrong. I would be left alone physically and verbally no one would say stuff to my face. But mentally, no I was still tormented. But I noticed from all of this I would blame others for my short comings. I would say, “maybe if I was not dealt a crappy hand in life I wouldn’t have turned out this way.” I had trouble with accountability. I would walk around accepting defeat. I would tell myself, “well this is what I got so I might as well just submit to it.” I would walk around expecting it everyday. I would look for it. If I had a day where no hell occurred I would say to myself, “this is not normal.”

I drove back home over spring break and I sat at the table talking to my mom. I said out my mouth that I’m always being picked on by my classmates and teachers. No one wants to give me a chance or help me. People just love to mess with me. This garbage has even spreaded to jobs. My thing to say when ending conversations that I felt had no conclusion who be “it is, what it is.”

My mom hit me with some knowledge. She put the iron down and said okay, I hear you. Now you are right from the time you set foot in school you have been singled out and picked on by both classmates and teachers. This has been going on ever since Pre-K to now your junior year of college.

She said the enemy has planted seeds of deception and lies in your life and convinced you of them to be truths. My son, you are blinded to something. He is not causing harm to you anymore. If you were to open your eyes and take a step back and realize your surroundings you will see that no one is bothering you anymore. You are the one walking around expecting, looking, and premeditating this. You have become you own worse enemy. The enemy is sitting back laughing saying now I planted this, yeah I even sent people to convince you that my lies and deception are truths. You, but you are continuing it for me. My told me to go and pray to the heavenly father and start renouncing those tricks, deceptions and lies from the enemy that I accepted. And what watch how after today the rest of my school career and life will never be hellish anymore.

My mom and pops are always 💯 with me. She was 100% right. People especially the Young folks always respect your elders. Remember they used to be young at one point in their life as well. Or for better terms “old fools, used to be young fools too.” Think about it.

The moral to this story is that yes we all have been picked on, lied on, talked about, tricked, decieved, hoodwink, and bamboozled. It almost seems as if we were born into this world with a stamp on our forehead that says pick on me, hurt me, use me and abuse me. But people, the enemy, oh that sneaky serpent. He knows how to play pyschological games with all of us. It’s a mental warfare and even the best of the best is not exempt. We all are in this together. We all are under attack mentally.

The enemy will plant seeds of deception in your life and will send people to convince you that his deception and lies are truths. You will accept them because you will see a repeative cycle of negativity play out. This is used as a way to convert you, get you to buy into the lies and lose accountability. You will believe that it’s others fault and you were dealt a bad hand. But all while this is going on you never once realized that he put the watering pot in your hands and you are watering your own distruction.

So to sign off, ” it is, what it is.” Naw I’m just kidding. But seriously, if you change your mind, you can change your reality. Your Environment Does Not Dictate Your OUTCOME. YOU DICTATE IT. Now I want all of us to do as my mom encouraged and challenged me to do take back what the enemy stole from you and what we not knowingly handed over. You could have been robbed of anything, and I would like to say don’t beat yourself up. It’s okay, I’m still struggling with this myself time from time. But, I do know this, we can’t quiet now because if we do the enemy wins. I know, that you know, that we all know, that we can’t let that happen and we won’t let that happen. So forgive yourself and those around you. Let’s let go of the past and push forward to our next level in life. Because I’m going to tell you something, the enemy is scared of you operating in and knowing what the most high, Yahuah (God) has placed down on the inside of you.

“Scratch a lie, find a thief”

For I will restore health unto thee, and I will heal thee of thy wounds

Jeremiah 30:17

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Hunger for knowledge, thrist for understanding


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Recap on struggle


Reading through all of the blog post and the post that caught my attention the most was “Struggle” by Krista Stevens, Discover. Shout out to her this was pretty awesome. It definitely made me think.

“I struggle with thoughts about how I would live my life if I knew I had only days. We all ask ourselves that question at some point. But seriously, pause for a minute, move past the cliché of that question, and think about it.”

This made me think and yeah, she is right. I too have had thoughts about how would I live my life if I only had days left. However, I can’t think to ponder for very long on that question because I would be teasing myself. Why would I do what most people do on this Earth and wait until my last couple of days. Last couple of hours and use that time to really begin to live. I have that chance right now.

In my humble opinion there is no struggle in thinking how you would live your life having only a few days left. The real struggle is making your mind up to do that which you desire to do.

We all have wondered and questioned ourselves on this matter. Question, why wait until you have a couple of days, why not live your life now? Tomorrow is not promised.

Hunger for knowledge, thrist for understanding.

Fisher Of Men