Liking what you do

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What it do,

I remember about 2 years ago at a job that I was working in college. I was having a conversation with my supervisor. He was telling me how he and his friends rap and how they have a mixtape on iTunes at the time. I was very interested in listening to it. So he let me hear it. I was blown away I gave him his props. I let him know that his flow was good, but when you yourself don’t know how to rap anyone who can is better. He was talking to me about his life and particular thoughts that he had swirling around in his mind. So, I looked at him and said bro, that is something that you should put in your raps. I’m sure that alot of young guys that have faced a similar situation as yourself would love to hear someone that can relate. He looked at me and said naw, naw man. Put his head down and said nobody wants to hear that.

Without even thinking I said it doesn’t matter what anyone wants to hear, don’t you want to hear it? He put his head down and eyes began to sweep the floor as if what was said had a affect on him.

You know success is measured by money, fame and fortune. So much emphasis is placed on where you see yourself 5,10 years from now. Also what is your a, b, c, d, e, f, g plan and what are you currently invested in that will perpel you to succeed. As people we rarely take the time to step back and see that success is based on liking ourselves. Is there anything about you that is of value and is cherished that you have? It does not have to be big or spectacular. It can be small, but is it something you cherish and value about you. Do you like what you do? Being able to cultivate what you do naturally, effortlessly everyday and turn it into a ssuccess.Do you like how you do it? It should not matter to you if people like or dislike. What matters is do you like it.

Based on your life how do you view success?

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Stirring the eagle’s nest

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A wise man once told me that “I was not afraid off failure, I was afraid to succeed.” Hearing my dad utter those words, definitely place something on my mind. At the time I did not understand what he meant by that, nor did I ask. Now at the age of twenty-six I understand clearly. Looking back I see that what he said had alot of truth to it. Knowing how my dad talks, I was not shocked by what he said, but how he said it. Normally you would hear someone say, “don’t be afraid of failure.” However, my dad is not normal, hahaa. When my dad was teaching me the fundamentals of life, I would always try to be prefect. I would always try to get everything right. I hated the idea and feelings of failure or just making a mistake. I can’t lie I also would try to be perfect because when your in the process of learning. You have someone teaching you and you don’t want to disappoint them. You don’t want to see frustration show on their face. You don’t want to see disappointment in their eyes. You know what I’m saying?

I believe it’s safe to say that when in a learning stage of life you may not comprehend nor trying to apply to your life the teachings that a person is teaching you. You spend more time  pretending so you can get on that person good side. What’s really going thru the brain is why does this person hate me? Not really understanding that they are pushing you.

You know what’s funny about all of this is that often times in life we want people to help us, but we want to dictate how people help us. I look back on my life and realize that I spent more time fighting not to change then I did to change. I look around the world today and see the exact same thing taking place with other people. For example, when you are helping a three year old tie his/her shoes and they tell you ” no I can do it.” You look at them and say, “let me help you.” They say one more time “no I can do it” and snatch the shoes away from you. So you stand back and watch them put their shoes on and tie them. You notice that they have the shoes on the wrong foot and they look you in the face and say “see I did it.” Now you weren’t amazed that they can put their shoes on and tie them. You are more amazed that they are determined to reject help. I swear we act just like this as people. We reject someone help because we percieved that they are trying to help us with what we know. Naw, they are trying to help us with what we don’t know. The irony of the three year old shoe situation is to show that a person’s help can assist you in avoiding unnecessary mistakes.

Why afraid to succeed? Parent eagles stirs the eagle’s nest so the baby eagle can’t get comfortable on one particular side of the nest. This is done to encourage the eagle to not become dependent on the parent eagles. Oneday they will have to learn how to fly and survive on their own. So many of us want change, but we settle for comfortability. As people we love what makes us comfortable. We love things that make us feel warm and fuzzy. We love things that don’t oppose a challenge to us, but enable us to remain the same. We are not afraid of failure because we accept defeat all the time wether we acknowledge it or don’t acknowledge it. When you constantly fight against knowledge and understanding. You are a willing participant for failure. When you perfer to stay the same way you have always been and expect different results. You’re insane, but a willing participant for failure. When you fall and tell yourself “why should I get back up again. I’m just going to fall again. So I might as well get used to it.” You my friend are a willing participant for failure. Saying words like can’t, quit, and won’t are a person way for filling out an application for failure. So we can’t be afraid of failure when we spend more time fighting against the maturation process. It’s crazy because it’s inside of us to do more and become better. But we live a life that warrants us to do less and become less. But we contradict ourselves because we want more, not less. Well “for unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required.” It’s seems like we are running from the responsibilities of who we are as people instead of accepting what’s ours. It’s crazy because don’t you want to see everything that you are and will be? Is your life anything worth fighting for?

Stirring the eagle’s nest so the young can fly like the rest of the eagles. You see the eagles flies high and looks low. If the eagle was allowed to stay comfortable in it’s situation it would not survive. It would be another species prey. So the eagle is more than capable enough to understand that if I don’t push my young to fly how will they ever take on the true nature of what they were created to be.

Answer these questions

What is your true nature in which you are created to be?

Are you fighting against your maturation process?

Are you comfortable in a particular area of your life that warrants change?


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Remember change is good not bad.


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Why we don’t have

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What it do

So I’m sitting in my car looking at YouTube videos and literally dozing off to sleep. A thought just popped in my head of why we don’t have. By no means are any of my blog post going to promote or reference money. Why because knowledge and understanding is more lucrative and better than all the rubies, silver and gold and none shall compare. With that being said, one of the scriptures in the Bible states,

James 4:2-3

Ye lust, and have not: ye kill, and desire to have, and cannot obtain: ye fight and war, yet ye have not, because ye ask not.

Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts

Let me break down what this is saying. The reason why some of us if not most of us walk around feeling a sense of lacking and unfulfillment is because we don’t ask the heavenly father for that wisdom, knowledge and understanding. As humans we spend more time looking at what others have instead of going to the heavenly father asking him to reveal to us what he has already blessed us with. We spend more time strategizing how we will obtain what others have. Never being satisfied with the stuff we have and never going to the heavenly father asking him to reveal this to us what we have. Also asking him to show us how to utilize it to the fullest. We walk around just wanting and wanting, but avoiding the knowledge and understanding of how to obtain and maintain. We want what others have. We pay attention to what others got. In our eyes the purpose for life is quantified through how much assets a person has and can obtain. So we consume, and consume, then consume some more. Never really filling the void, but rather left with the feelings of unsatisfaction.

Now the funny thing about all of this is that most people can say, well Fisher of men I ask the heavenly father and still receive not. Why is that so? Well, simple. As people our hearts are not in the right place for the things that we are asking for. See when you are desperate to have you become oblivious to the purpose that these things should serve. Now there is nothing wrong with wanting stuff, but let’s be honest about 85% to 90% of the things that we desperately want. They do not serve any purpose. We just ask for things so we can be able to say, “I got that” and show off to people. And listen I feel it because most of the commercials on TV is telling you what latest gadgets, apperals and equipment that we should have. They make us feel left out by saying, “if you don’t have it than you’re probably missing out.” Also, “get it before its all gone.” However the heavenly father is not in the business of granting wishes. He’s not a genie in the bottle. You can’t rub him and he’ll grant you three wishes. I know that we would all love for him to be that way, but he has a certain way that he does business.

The heavenly father is not interested in granting us with things so we can brag and showoff. He wants to know can he trust us. When we come and ask him for things or reveal to us what he has already supplied us with. He wants to know what purpose will it serve in building up his kingdom. Once he gives it to you can he trust you to do just that help build his kingdom. I mean when Earth passes away the only thing that will remain is the heavenly father anyway so why place so much emphasis on establishing wealth and having assests. Those things will eventually perish.

Now does this mean you can’t have? No, you can have. This just mean the stuff that you are asking for. Take a step back and ask yourself what purpose will it serve.

For example, a scenario

Think about this. All of your friends have businesses. You see that the public holds your friends in high regard. Also, you watch the respect that your friends have amongst themselves. You being the friend with no business want what they have. You plan to go to a bank and request a ten thousand dollar loan to start a small business. You imagine your friends catching word of this and they start speaking highly of you. You imagine your friends bragging to other people about you. You imagine going out with your friends to dinner and that same respect your friends have for each other, they now have it for you. You imagine the public now holding you in high regard. You go and ask the heavenly father to support you and please make it come true. He tells you, no. He ask you what purpose is this business going to serve. You don’t have a answer. All you say is that all of my friends have businesses. All of my friends are a success. I want that too. Mean while, across town there are homeless people. They need food, water, shelter, clothes, and programs need to be created to give them a fresh new start in life. Now you want to keep up with the Joneses. You want to impress your friends and get their praise and approval. However the most high is looking for a willing participant to bless the less fortunate.

So you want a business to be like your friends. The most high let’s you know that he is not interested in fulfilling the desires of your heart, because it is wicked. So now you have a choice.

Which one is more important to you, lusting for what others got or taking what you have and giving the heavenly father what he want?

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Hunger for knowledge, thirst for understanding


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Recap on struggle

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Reading through all of the blog post and the post that caught my attention the most was “Struggle” by Krista Stevens, Discover. Shout out to her this was pretty awesome. It definitely made me think.

“I struggle with thoughts about how I would live my life if I knew I had only days. We all ask ourselves that question at some point. But seriously, pause for a minute, move past the cliché of that question, and think about it.”

This made me think and yeah, she is right. I too have had thoughts about how would I live my life if I only had days left. However, I can’t think to ponder for very long on that question because I would be teasing myself. Why would I do what most people do on this Earth and wait until my last couple of days. Last couple of hours and use that time to really begin to live. I have that chance right now.

In my humble opinion there is no struggle in thinking how you would live your life having only a few days left. The real struggle is making your mind up to do that which you desire to do.

We all have wondered and questioned ourselves on this matter. Question, why wait until you have a couple of days, why not live your life now? Tomorrow is not promised.

Hunger for knowledge, thrist for understanding.

Fisher Of Men


Never use a person’s final product as the measuring stick for your success.

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“The only reason why you are good at sports is because you’re tall.”

“If someone invested in me, just like someone did you. I would be better off.”

“Not all of us can do what you can do.”

“If I had the same resources, I too would have a better life.”

Yo, what it do. I wish people would stop saying asinine statements. Just run your own race and pay attention to what you have. Stop focusing so much attention toward what someone else has. All you are doing is coveting their goods and not realizing that you are diminshing the gifts, talents and abilities that you have.

It’s very easy to lose sight of what you were given, because in this day and time people are so consumed by the product of “being like others.” That we do not focus on what we can cultivate and accomplish.

For example, I used to play basketball. I didn’t play basketball like the average high schooler. I had skills that you will only obtain from playing with and against individuals that are older, stronger and faster. Not to mention I would practice for 8 to 10 hours daily. I began to notice that the guys on the team couldn’t understand how was I more advance than them. I would hear some say, “we do the same drills, practice everyday. How come we are not at the same level, if not better than Keyshaun?”

I hated hearing this for three reasons

1) This would cause division amongst the basketball team.

2) We are practicing for the betterment of “we” not “I.”

3) They were using my final product as the measuring stick for their own success.

Many people do this. This is no secret. We all have particular people in our life that are more proficient in life than most  whether at work, school. Heck, even if we are in the grocery store and spot a person. As humans we know proficiency when we see it.

We “admire” other people too much. While there is nothing wrong with showing respect, having great appreciation for another person’s gifts, talents and abilities. Our admiration goes into a area of “coveting.” We’re plagued with this disease of “I want what he/she got” so much, that we will deny it immediately if brought to our attention.

Here’s the problem with using a person’s final product as the measuring stick for your success.

1) You have no idea what they had to endure to reach the level of success that they have.

Many of us want the success, the fame, the accolades, but few will put in the work. DO NOT COVET SOMEONE ELSE SUCCESS. My mom would always say, “stop wishing that you had someone else life. You have no idea the hell that they probably had to endure to recieve everything that they have.”

Question- Are you ready to endure seen and unseen trials and tribulations that they endured just to get what they have?

(Think about it)

2) You are losing out on your own success

While you are spending so much energy and effort on replicating your life to have what they got. You are pretty much telling Yahuah (God) that you don’t appreciate the life that you currently have. Everything would be better if “I were them.” STOP DOING THIS BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE. You are being ungrateful. Oneday you are going to wake up mentally realizing that you have wasted your opportunities and try to access them. You will find out that thise very same opportunities that you once had may not be accessible anymore.

3) Stop disrespecting yourself

There is only one you. The heavenly father has given you gifts, talents, and abilities, just like everyone else. No one person is more special than the rest. Just like how you are marvelling after other people things. Someone is doing you the exact same way. DO NOT EVER FORGET that you have gifts, talent and abilities that have yet to be accessed. All of us are created different. Some of is show greatness immediately. While others have to grow into greatness. I think they call those particular individuals “late bloomers.” It doesn’t matter. Whether later, early, midday blooming. All that matter is did you bloom?

4) stop trying to have the complete package

My dad will always say, “you can’t have it all. You can’t win everything.” Smart man. We spend more time striving to be this complete person. Failing to realize that we will never achieve this. Show me one perfect, complete individual walking the face of this Earth. Go ahead, show me. I’ll wait. I’m waiting.


Look life is like sports. Sports being a microcosm for life. Everyday is another day to get better. You strive everyday for excellence, not obtain it in five minutes. It’s a marathon not a sprint.

5) Work on sharpening what you have, not what you don’t have.

We are all blessed with attributes that help is survive in the world. The talents, gifts and abilities that were are born with are essential. When they are not exercised and given the appropriate attention that they warrant. We become missed placed and lose out on life.

6) Stop trying to become somebody, something and someone that you are not.

“Be secure in who you are and what you are.” This particular episode of “Kings of Queens.” Carey has been pressured by her dad Arthur Spooner into making a Thanksgiving dinner just like her deased mother used to. When going through the grocery store she runs into a women with a cart full of ingredients to make a thanksgiving dinner. Carey ask the lady questions on making stuffing and really Carey could cook so she really just wanted to use the women’s grocery list as a cheat sheet for assistance on what to buy. So instead of telling her father that she is not going to cook a traditional Thanksgiving meal. She decides to follow the women throughout the store. Every isle this women went down Carey was there. Carey grabbed and put in the cart every grocery item that the women grab. Now just because Carey has the exact same grocery items as the other women. Does that mean Carey is the exact same cook as the women from the grocery store?

(Think about it)

Final Note:

Be yourself. There is only one you. CumtivstC your gifts, talents and abilities. Admire no man, but Yahuah (God) and you will achieve the inevitable.

With man this is impossible; but with God all things are possible

Matthew 19:26

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Be Eazy, Stay Blessed


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