Remember To Be Thankful

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There’s so much emphasis placed on what we want and what we need, that we forget to be thankful for everything we have. Constantly striving for more, that our needs become our wants and our wants become our needs. So much emphasis are being placed on our wants and needs being essential. That we forget that our health, life, happiness, families, friends, significant others, activities of our limbs, etc., WHAT WE HAVE is also essential to life.

Don’t just be thankful for what you want and need. Be thankful for what you have as well.

So what do you have in life that you are Thankful for? Post your comments below


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Be thankful in good times and bad times. Be appreciative in happy times and sad times. Be grateful in times of earning and in times where things have been given freely. Thankfulness should not be just displayed when something grand happens (winning $450 mill from the lotto). What about being thankful in times where nothing spectacular happens? Being alive, fully functional, having the activity of your limbs and waking up seeing another day so you can continue working on being a better all around individual. The simple things in life we take for granted.


Well, it certain things in our life are freely given to us. We do not have to ask, beg or work for them. However, when something that was once free is taken away. We later realize the value that it had and added to our life. Next, we become filled with regret and remorse because we did not treasure what we had. Evidently, we told ourselves that what is free would always last. Wrong, instead of being thankful, we were ungrateful.

We can’t go back to the past and rewrite our wrongs. So let us press forward in always be thankful for things both given and earned. Remember the simple things in life that are given to us WE DID NOT WORK FOR THEM. Nine times out of ten it’s favor, God just blesses us like that. We do not know what it takes to build, attain, maintain and obtain.

So let us all do a better job not complaining for more and what we do not have. Let us appreciate what we do have. Let us discard the attitude of “it will last forever.” Let us be thankful and not ungrateful. Let us not wait for the simple things in life to be taken from us to appreciate and realize it’s value. Let us show gratitude for everything that we have . Let us be thankful and appreciate for the little that we have, because a little is better than nothing.

Love y’all

Be blessed and stay encouraged

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