Stay strong

Wassup everybody. Another day yet to be alive. Stay strong keep smiling. Everything possible can go wrong around you. Any and everything possible can take place and happen. Just don’t quit smiling. Find something positive that brings life, purpose, peace of mind, joy, etc. That can keep you focus on the good things, but just don’t keep smiling. That’s one of your strengths.

Becoming strong

I like this quote that I found on Pinterest. I was having a conversation with a person not too long ago. I told them that I’m noticing that there are alot of strong, muscular built individuals walking around in the world. I just wish that peoples minds were as built as some people’s bodies are. I say this and I stick by this. There’s no gym equipment or exercise in the world that can strengtheneth your mind. You either want it or you don’t. A strong mind comes from having a made up mind. A strong mind allows you to get stuff done. To be focused on what’s important. Not allowing any distractions to derail you from your plan, purpose and goals.

Our mind is a muscle. One of the more important muscles. It gets overlooked and neglected because people don’t see the brain. People can’t touch the brain and tell you how attractive it looks. People can’t tell you how good it smells. People can’t tell you how fit it is. But don’t forget that it’s on the inside of you. Whatever you allow your brain to ingest it will display alot about who you are as a person. See we forget that the insides is what makes the outsides look good or bad. But that’s okay because we live in a society that focus more on the outer appearance then the inner. Train the brain right. Treat it good. Exercise that muscle the way that it should be exercised; which is daily.


With God There’s Are No Limits

In life we have all heard the saying “the sky is the limit.” Well if that’s the measuring stick for success, peace, love, happiness and prosperity. I don’t want it then. We should have the courage to push pass the limits that was placed on us and go after what society views as inevitable, but really is incredible. That’s God.

Remember, “whatever the mind believes, the body will achieve”

Just Hold On There Is Going To Be Brighter Days


What it do,

I don’t know what you maybe going through in your life. You maybe facing hard times, trials and tribulations. You may be diagnosed with a terminal illness. You maybe troubled in your mind, body, soul and spirit. Or it maybe something as small as trying to get better grades in school. Or hand in applications because you are trying to get that dream job that you desire to have. Whatever it is keep the faith. Dream, believe and achieve. Don’t hold your head down. Don’t tell yourself that you can’t do it or it will never happen. Don’t give up hope. Don’t settle for doubt and unbelief. Just because today’s troubles are weighting you down. It does not mean that it will carry over into seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years from now. You got to know that trouble don’t last always. Keep smiling. Keep hoping. Keep laughing. Keep dancing. Rejoice in the good and the bad. There is strength, knowledge, power and understanding in your troubles. Don’t walk around with your head down because today is not going your way. See today as your turn to grow and elevate. Know that the troubles that you are facing is just there to make you a stronger person. So hold your head up and walk with assurity. You will conquer your troubles. You will overcome. Yes, today is glummy but hold on because brighter days are coming.


Remember the body achieves what the minds believes

Some day, Maybe today

Some days may bring disappointments, but stay strong, don’t give up. Keep moving forward being hopeful that your day will get better. When faced with disappointments laugh at the problem (it is a waste of your time, energy and effort to linger in disappointments), smile through the pain (remember what you are experiencing happens for a reason). When you cry have tears of joy. Rejoice because your disappointments are only for a moment but the joy of the lord is your strength (Nehemiah 8:10; Psalms 28:7).