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What it do,

I am guilty myself of this. I was once was caught up in this as well. I thought that gifts were singing, dancing, jumping and dunking adrinking a ball. I found out later in life that those are talents. That is not a gift. Some of my friends and myself used to think that the only way to be successful was through being a athlete or a rapper. My friends really didn’t come to terms with this and God bless them I hope that they make it. However, I always wondered was there more to life? The most high was pulling on me letting me know every step that he has placed more in me. That what I wanted was becoming a idol and blocking me from my true gifts. Anywho enough about me I just thought that this my be something of a eye opener for others out there search, questioning and wondering “Is there more to life.”

Don’t keep wondering, find out

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What is love?

Is it real?

Is it a person, place or thing?

Is it healing?

Is it feeling?


Is it a mental part of life that we have yet to gain?

What is love?

Is it truth?

Is it just words?

Is it proof?


Is it an missing attribute so we won’t feel blue?

What is love?

Do anyone have a clue?

For if you do, help us.


In this world we need help being guided to the truth.

Keyshaun Collins

Be blessed and stay encouraged

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