Can Person Choice Make Them?

Question on @Quora: We all make choices but in the end can our choices make us???

I believe that we can become a product of choices if we allow ourselves to. Our choices rather should be a product of who we are and what we stand for being that this is the decision that we have made and choice to live by.

The reason that I believe that our choices can make us, is simple. Most people don’t have a goal, plan and provision for their life. Most people just go with the flow. When you haven’t developed a blueprint and realized who you are and what you will tolerate and want out of life then someone or something will choose it for you based on the choices that you made without any real rational thought process behind it understanding that for every action/choice that you make has a consequence attached.

all make choices, but in the end, do our choices make us?


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Sometimes You Have To Step Forward

Author of quote anonymous

Everything that you are in search of is in front of you. Sometimes you won’t have your questions answered. Sometimes you will have to leave without any closure. It’s best that you keep moving forward because that explanation that you are waiting to receive. Once you finally get it you might find out that it wasn’t fulfilling. It didn’t put anything into perspective or answer any questions that you had. You may find out that the reason why it was better for you to not know this time and just keep moving forward. Is due to it being a hindrance. It wasn’t going to help you or build you. It’s was going to block you and stop you.


What’s the most common advice do you find yourself giving people nowadays?


I find myself telling people that you can’t get made at someone for not doing for you what you can do for yourself. If you want the best for yourself go after what you want. Quit waiting for people to acknowledge you. Quit wait for people to give you chances and opportunities. If you’re waiting for people to lay down and just let you move into your destiny then you’ll be waiting for a long time then my friend. Get up and go after it. Period

Now you answer what is the most common advice that you find yourself giving to people?

So peace


What life advice do you value the most?

One if the life advice that I value the most came from my mom. “If you don’t stand for something then you’ll fall for anything”.

I value this because it taught me earlier on to have morals and values. Set a standard for my self. Think individually and don’t let anyone dictate to me what I know for a fact to be. See when you have something that you stand firm for people can’t sway to believe any and everything or involve yourself in any and everything. You know who you are, what you are, why you are, and how you are. Don’t ever stop growing and learning yourself. You never want to stunt your personal development. People will come and test you. They will try to shake you, break you and move you and trick you. So stand for something and stop falling for anything that you know is not you.

So peace