Positivity Don’t Cost A Thing

With so much negative shit in this world nowadays. People need to spread more of that happiness, joy and positive energy. Life is about serving the most high first of all and then making sure that you and your loved ones are taking care of and happy. Life is too short for this negative crap. Life is very fickle. You can be here today and gone tonight. People should make the most if their time by sharing and enjoying the people that are in their life. Don’t walk around with a frown on your face smile. You’re wasting precious energy. It takes more muscles to frown then to smile. I don’t mean enjoy your life or the people around you by drinking and doing drugs. No that’s not joy. That’s a first class ticket to the grave. I mean sit back appreciate the ones around you. Thank them for all that they have contributed to helping get to where you are today. Stop worrying about you. The most high got you. Bless those around you that lack the essentials for their life. I can’t tell you enough but I am at my happiest when I give of myself and bless those that are in need. I understand that my gifts, talents and abilities are not given to me so I can serve myself, glorify myself. You know be stingy and keep it all to me. No my gifts, talents and abilities was given to me so I can serve others. They were given to me so I can be fully equipped so I can take care of the job that the most high positioned me to handle. (Shameless plug thus fisherofmen was born) Through this work I am serving and worshipping the father. But also I am spreading that peace and Positivity that will encourage and place a smile on those individuals faces that are struggling. It lets them know that just hold on brighter days are coming.

Yo spread that Positivity. Just like the gospel song says I pray for you, you pray for me. I love you I need you to survive. I won’t harm you with words from my mouth. I love you. I need you to survive. Man that’s it and that’s all. Is anybody even important anymore? Do anybody even matter to anybody anymore? Do anybody care if their fellow man survives?

Remember there’s more than one way to kill a man. You have your usual. Fist, knife and gun. Then you have your tongue and in it lies both life and death. You won’t kill a man physically but his physical body will be paralyzed because you killed him mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

So peace

Wonderful is the life that we live


You know alot of times we just wake up, put some coffee on, shower, brush our teeth and hair, grab a quick bite to eat whether at home or a restaurant, check the phone or computer for texts and emails, grab the keys and out the door. That’s the beginning to our morning, in a hurry, stressed and burden with alot of assignments and task that need to be completed before the day ends. Either that or we wake up and do the same daily routine but along the way we moan, groan and complain. Sigh! “Another day another dollar, back to work all over again. I can’t wait for Friday.”

I can definitely rasie my hand and testify to this. I have been guilty of this numerous times. I start the day off in a panic and it ends in a panic. Start the day of rushing and worrying. End the day rushing and worrying. Start the day of bad and it ends bad. See when you do this everyday it makes you want to hit the pause button on life. It becomes too much for the mind, heart, body and soul. I don’t even think a vacation would solve what is precieved and felt.

However, I noticed that when I wake up the first thing that I do is set my mind on Yahuah (God) first thanking him for another day that I am alive. Showing thanks and gratitude for having the opportunity to live again. To be able to open my eyes and do right. Correct my wrongs. Appreciate that I have a wife, a family. Thankful for the car and the apartment. Allow me to be a blessing to somebody in need of a kind gesture or word. Then I check my phone, my computer, ESPN, shower, etc. I noticed that the day goes by much smoother. Don’t get me wrong we live in a world that is full of people so somebody will still try to try you and disturb your peace. But I set that foundation earlier and whatever they may say or do want have any profound effect. It won’t matter.

What I am saying is that when you wake up set that time (it don’t have to be and too long a couple of minutes will do just fine) aside for you and Yahuah (God) to give him thanks. Because he is the reason that you are waking up everyday. It’s not because of the alarm clock. Ask him what direction shall you go in. How can you be a blessing unto others. You know in my twenty-six years I am realizing that we are always on the go. Just a fast pace society. We don’t have time for others nor do we have time for ourselves. We are always busy. And because of this we become burdened down, wore out and mentally drained.

This prohibits us from being effective in our life and someone else life. So we go on vacations or take time off from life to rejuvenate. But we return feel 50% better. Feeling 50% able to deal with life’s problems, task and situations.

So what is that rejuvenation that we need??

Well the word says,

Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

Matthew 11:28


So what I am trying to say is that 1) wake up with God on your mind and hearts. 2) Make today’s and others days problems secondary. 3) Seek Yahuah (God) wisdom, love, grace, mercy and care. Ask how can you be of service today in someone else life? Put others before you. 4) Appreciate, be thankful that you are alive and well. 5) Walk in that joy and peace knowing that you gave all your troubles, burdens and worries to the right one. Remember no matter what task or situation that you are faced with. HE GOT YOUR BACK.


Weeping may endure for a night, but….

What it do

Yo, there is a gospel song by Donald Lawrence and tri-city singers titled “The best.” The line that they sing is key to life, “weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning.”

Man, Everytime I hear that line I wondered how many people are out of their season of weeping and in their season of joy and are still weeping. My dad says it best, “YOU KEEP HOLDING ON TO YOUR PAST, YOU WON’T HAVE A FUTURE.” Why we do this?

1) Well most of the time we don’t have a strategy to overcome adversity.

You gotta deal with adversity. Yes, problems, situations arise that are out of your control. These situations come in ways that one could never image. But it’s not the adversity that’s the problem. How you handle adversity is the problem. Look, there is no way around it or under it. You must go through it. Courage is the key. When trouble comes your way you have to stand tall, be firm don’t waver or move. Stare into the eye of that Strom and let the storm know that it swang and gave its best shot, but its best was not good enough. Now it’s your turn.

For example, a palm tree can not be broken or torn to piece. Yes in storms it bends and sways back and forth. But, it can never be moved it is firm and sturdy, never up rooted.

Think about it.

2) Maybe we don’t understand that we are to let go and learn from the situation not hang on.

Letting go of situations and things that have deeply hurt you is hard to do. Man, sometimes it feels like you need a intervention. I challenge and encourage you to step back and anaylze that these hurts that you are holding on to is doing more harm then any good. You are not getting the lesson out of your pain because you are constantly focusing on the negative. DO NOT keep remembering the hurt because you will be only keeping it around as a means to get even and stay relevant. Yes I said, staying relevant. Alot of hurt people keep holding on to hurt because they feel that a piece of them was lost in that particular time. Don’t do this, it is pointless. Instead seek out the lesson, get it, understand it and move on. Don’t look back. Just get the lesson and go.

3) Maybe we don’t have the confidence that we will emerge victorous.

Tell youself that I will and I am going to come out of this victorous. Sometimes in situations that look like there is no help, no mercy, no end. You have to become your own cheerleader. You have to will yourself to the finish line even if you don’t see one. Doing this is not a matter of do feel like youycan emerge victorous. IT IS A MATTER OF DO YOU WANT TO EMERGE. You know desperate times calls for desperate measures. So why not become desperate in your moments of trials and tribulations to see yourself win.

4) Maybe the situation is so overwhelming and tramuatizing to us that we can’t seem to shake it.

What I am realizing with my own troubles is that the mind only precieves overwhelming and tramuatization when it loses control over situations and things. In any situation it is common for humans to try to fight fire with fire. You may try to regain auhority by Waring with your situations, but I advise you don’t even try. Your wasting your time. Just let go and let Yahuah (God). Simply put he has the purpose for your life. He has a plan for your life. He knows your end from your beginning. He knows the trials and test that’s going to come your way in life. Lastly, he knows what it’s going to take for you to perservere in life. So who better hands to be in then the heavenly father.

Remember trouble don’t last always

Hunger for knowledge, thirst for understanding

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