Don’t Allow Being Lonely To Get To You

Well said.


Don’t Believe In Luck, Believe In Hard Work

In the book of Proverbs starting at the 6th chapter beginning at verse 6 through 8. It says, 6) Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise 7) Which having no guide, overseer, or ruler, 8) Provideth her meat in the summer, and gathereth her food in the harvest.

When I came across this Instagram image I instantly thought about how a ant operates off of hard work. All year around the ants are working together as a team to prepare for the next winter. They understand the times and how the seasons change. They know that if they are caught unprepared for the next winter without food. Their colony won’t survive.

It’s amazing how ants operate. They don’t waste time. They don’t make excuses. They just keep busy and focus. Hey, do you know or have anyone in your life everytime you look around they are always caught unprepared for what’s coming next. It’s almost like if they need to be reminded of the times that they are living in. Its almost like if they don’t have a vision, goal, plan and is unmotivated. They’re just living day to day. Or just going with the flow. It’s almost like if they are just waiting to hear a special word or message that will light a fire under them to move and persuade them to handle what they know that they should be handling regardless of what’s going on.

Consider the ant because they are well aware of what to expect every year. It doesn’t matter if we really get a winter with lots of snow and bitter freezing temperatures or not. They are well prepared anyway.

Why? Well ants are in tune with what’s taking place. Ants see what’s going on. Ants understand that their vision, plan and goal every year is the survival of their colony. Ants understand what they do or dont do today will affect tomorrow. Ants don’t complain. Ants don’t slack off. Ants don’t take their life for granted. Ants see the time that they do have as valuable time to gather and prepare.

Ants, they work hard but most importantly they work smart. They don’t wait till the last minute to start gathering. The ants put in that hard work all 12 months. Now when the winter comes and they are under ground eating and keeping warm. Them the party begins.

Two things to take away

1) Work hard but mostly work smart

2) Don’t be afraid to cut fun off to handle your business.

(Fun now, suffer later. Commitment and preparation now, enjoy the fruits of your labor later).


Australian Instagrams Model Mikaela Testa Cries Over Instagram Account Being Deleted

If you’re nothing without the suit then you shouldn’t have it.

-Tony Stark-

You know in the movie The Amazing Spiderman starring Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr. There was a scene where spiderman saved people on the boat that was split in half by a villain of spiderman. Tony stark had to come and assist spiderman. However the dialogue between the two when they were on the top of a building. Tony Stark told spiderman that did you know that you could have gotten yourself hurt. Spiderman just wanted to help out and not be a friendly neighborhood spider. Tony asked for the suit back forever. He knew that Peter Park wasn’t responsible enough to handle the responsibility that comes with being a superhero. Mixed in with Tony can see himself in Peter and doesn’t want anything to happen to him. Peter said please don’t I’m nothing without the suit. Tony says something very relevant and profound. If you’re nothing without the suit then you shouldn’t have it.

Which eads me to my point on this Instagram model who cried over a video that she recorded and stated “I am nothing without my following.” Her job is posting pics of herself for Instagram. She gets paid to do so. But she is upset by the fact that people have been reporting her for the content that she has been posting through her Instagram account. I heard that she is racist and have had racial things on her social media. So Instagram has decided to delete her account because it goes against their community’s guidelines. Fair enough. However, she states that she’s nothing without her account. She goes on to say that she used to be a prostitute and don’t want to go back to doing that.

My only thing is this, there are other avenues of sources of income that a young women such as herself can tap into to make a living. She don’t have to work a 9-5 or prostitute again. The internet is filled with a wide variety of things that she can do.

No pun intended, but if you believe that your life is over. You can’t bounce back after one setback. You’re only chance was given to you by the same one that took it all from you. If you are going to cry over something that will survive with your contributions and without your contributions. Then sweetheart wake up. You are still being prostituted. Only hoes cry over a reality that they cannot control and dictate. That’s because your are not the creator of it. So go out there and create your own where no one gave it to you. So no one can take it away from you.

I can tell that she got comfortable with Instagram. She didn’t realize how much of a business that Instagram really is. Look you don’t pay any money to set up a account with Instagram. So it’s free. They allow you to have a space on their platform to display whatever you desire. They give you a contract to read as you are signing up. You can read it if you want to. If not you will be hearing from them when you disobey what they have outlined. You go and post pics of yourself. They let you monetize it. They allow you to get sponsor deals and make your bread. Cool. Then you go and start posting things that is not suitable for Instagram. Or dear I say business 1o1 you messing with their bottom line which is their money. See young people nothing is free. These social media platforms allow you to preoccupy a space and allow you to do whatever content that you want. But I ask, how do you think that they are making their money off of a product that they offer free to the masses. Well through the corporations that are offering you brand deals and sponsorships are offering them the same. They take their cut from you before you even see your money. So if you are going to hold a space on someone’s social media understand that this is a business. Now they let you post whatever you want. Until it messes with their bottom line aka the “Almighty Dollar.” Then you will be censored and or removed. So there is a lesson in this. You should always cover your ass because nothing last forever.

Just my opinion she should have taken that Instagram money and invested in goods that will appreciate in value over time. Not depreciation. But when you are not as wise as a ant you get left out in the cold like the grasshopper.

The problem is that and alot of young folks need to know this. We live in this society that your value and worth is solely based off of how many YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat followers you have. All that stuff is narcissistic at its finest.

The value of a person is not based on followers, money, who you know or who know you. Your value is based on the integrity, dignity and self respect that you have established for yourself. You don’t need to be crying over social media and besides I never got that anyway. Why in the hell would you make a video displaying your misery over the Internet anyway. People don’t care in this day and time all people are going to do is reshare it and make memes out of your misery and just laugh at you. This world is lacking substance, solutions, answers to provide to people that jump on the internet and act like how this girl acted. People run to social media like if they are going to find real friends online. People run to social media like if they will find a solution.

Young people social media is both a blessing and a curse. You can use social media to jump start your career. You can display your gifts and talents. Or you can use it foolishly by just getting red eyes from swiping left and right all day liking and disliking people’s content. Or you could foolishly post something yourself that can come back to hunt you. Cost you your job, relationship, sanity, peace, joy, tranquility. You know all those things that social media invade anyway through people’s ignorance.

Social media in its proper perspective is just entertainment. It should not be taken seriously. Your value is not based on your numbers, who knows you or who you know. Your value is based on the standards that you have developed for yourself.

Whatever a man holds near and dear to his heart. There lies what he values



Our Reality

Dang this reminds me of my trainer for my CDL some years ago they said that people dont pay attention. People don’t care. They will get in a bus that sign says going to hell. It’s all due to so much attention being placed on those phones. No one is realizing life around them. Driving with phone in hand. Walking down the street bumping into people because if phone in hand. Can’t travel, don’t know directions or where they are at because they rely too much on the phones. If it ain’t in the phone people won’t pay attention to it.