Always thank the heavenly Father


It’s crazy how all of us are here on this Earth alive. Woke up and was able to hear our alarm ring. The first thing that we do is wake up cut the television on to sports center, the news or cartoons for the little ones. We jump on our phone or computer and start checking emails, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. But if a poll was to be taken NONE of us asked to be hear on this Earth. NONE of us asked to be born. So why wake up with a attitude of another day another dollar. Why wake up mad at the world because it’s Monday one of the most dreaded days of the week. Why wake up with this mindset that the world owe you something for waking up another day.

Start waking up with a mindset of you should be glad and joyful because you have been given breath in your body that isn’t yours it’s the Lord’s. You could be flapping around on the floor like a fish without water. You have been blessed to hear the alarm ring because the most high couldn’t have spoke to your spirit and said wake up. Why use your limbs for destruction and chaotic purposes. Because you could wake paralyzed from the neck down or waste down.

The most important thing that the Heavenly Father has given us that we show no gratitude for is our LIFE. Yeah we didn’t ask to be born or have those particular parents and family members. No we didn’t ask to be placed on this Earth and endure all of this foolishness that takes place day and night. However, we are here. So let’s make the most of it and be grateful and thankful for it. So here’s to it. Thank you Heavenly Father.

So peace



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Be thankful in good times and bad times. Be appreciative in happy times and sad times. Be grateful in times of earning and in times where things have been given freely. Thankfulness should not be just displayed when something grand happens (winning $450 mill from the lotto). What about being thankful in times where nothing spectacular happens? Being alive, fully functional, having the activity of your limbs and waking up seeing another day so you can continue working on being a better all around individual. The simple things in life we take for granted.


Well, it certain things in our life are freely given to us. We do not have to ask, beg or work for them. However, when something that was once free is taken away. We later realize the value that it had and added to our life. Next, we become filled with regret and remorse because we did not treasure what we had. Evidently, we told ourselves that what is free would always last. Wrong, instead of being thankful, we were ungrateful.

We can’t go back to the past and rewrite our wrongs. So let us press forward in always be thankful for things both given and earned. Remember the simple things in life that are given to us WE DID NOT WORK FOR THEM. Nine times out of ten it’s favor, God just blesses us like that. We do not know what it takes to build, attain, maintain and obtain.

So let us all do a better job not complaining for more and what we do not have. Let us appreciate what we do have. Let us discard the attitude of “it will last forever.” Let us be thankful and not ungrateful. Let us not wait for the simple things in life to be taken from us to appreciate and realize it’s value. Let us show gratitude for everything that we have . Let us be thankful and appreciate for the little that we have, because a little is better than nothing.

Love y’all

Be blessed and stay encouraged

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