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A little motivation/inspiration to begin the day. Whatever you were told that you couldn’t have (positive speaking) and only you know what you were told. Go for it. I mean don’t walk, skip, twinkle toes, tip toe. Come for your stuff. Make you foot steps be known and heard.

If someone told you that you will never get over a addiction. Go for your healing and recovery.

That marriage is headed for divorce there is nothing that you can do to save it. Remember what God put together let no man tear apart. Go for it there’s is always a chance.

Your children are a lost caused. Go for it. What is loss can be found.

You’ll never get that job you don’t qualify. There are more candidates that are more qualified than you. Go for it. It’s not about the qualifications more so than the willingness and ability to learn how to do and get the job done. There are highly qualified candidates that still can’t get stuff done. So it’s a even playing field. Go for it.

You’ll can never be great. Don’t listen to that. Go realize your potential, worth and value. Spend years being patient developing who you are and shall be and go claim what you were design to always be.

From fisherofmen to you


With God There’s Are No Limits


In life we have all heard the saying “the sky is the limit.” Well if that’s the measuring stick for success, peace, love, happiness and prosperity. I don’t want it then. We should have the courage to push pass the limits that was placed on us and go after what society views as inevitable, but really is incredible. That’s God.

Remember, “whatever the mind believes, the body will achieve”


We live another day- don’t give up

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“You didn’t fail because you stumbled. You failed because you gave up after you stumbled” 

-Fisher Of Men-

Aight y’all, what it do

Don’t fall and can’t get up. We are all struggling to overcome a particular time in our life that seem to have control over us. Now we are taking the time to make a change, but it seems that out efforts in doing so are not good enough. We stumbled and not stumble, not stumble and then stumble. I’m not going to lie making mistakes is apart of the process. It shows that we are trying to get it right. When you are trying something for the first time you make mistakes, you don’t always get it right and that’s because you are not knowledgeable on how it’s done.

We stumble, we fall and see this as a failure. No it’s not a failure. You are just trying to correct your wrongs into rights. No one can fault you for that. Just make sure not to purposefully fall. However true failure is when you stumble, when you fall and lay there and except defeat.

Remember you didn’t come this far to give up. It might take you longer at times, but you will stand back up and keep fighting.


Hunger for knowledge, thirst for understanding


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