You Didn’t Wake Up To Be Mediocre


What it do,

After today stop waking up starting your day expecting less. Expect more. Don’t expect more from others but expect more from yourself. The average person is dissatisfied with his/her life. Here is why,

1) Change your mindset

(Focus on what you want to see, instead of focusing on what you are use to seeing)

Your mind is under constant attack from the time you wake, till the time you sleep. Half of those mental attacks that you’re having are not external, it’s internal. Yes, internal. Your environment plays a significant role in moding the person that you are today. So how do you combat this? It is time for you to be the first. Stop allowing your environment to dictate your life’s outcome. Most of you come from backgrounds that is filled with doubt, unbelief, uncertainty, regret, lack of hope, etc….. These things that you have both heard and seen has filtrated your mind and life up until this point. However, you have more life to live. It is not over and you don’t have to accept less, but you’re deserving of more. It is time for you to cancel these reruns. Stop replaying the same old episodes in your mind. It is not doing you any good. Listen to this, the reason why bad, the unexpected and the usual stuff keeps manifesting in your life. Is due to you constantly thinking on it, calling it forth and expecting it. You have to give this negative mindset the “Freddy Krueger” treatment. If you don’t fear it or pay it any attention then your negative mindset won’t have any power over you.  Now if you take that same mindset that you have for negative or what I like to call average and apply it to some positivity then you will begin to see a abundance of positivity manifest. If you want change to take place you must first tell yourself what good and positivity you expect to see and want to happen. I will end it with this “IF YOU CAN’T SEE IT BEFORE YOU SEE IT, THEN YOU WILL NEVER SEE IT.”

2) What’s your blueprint/ strategy

You just made a life change and this is fairly new to you. However, you need a blueprint/strategy so you can be effective in succeeding in this new life that you have. This is how you do it. Surround yourself around people who are where you want to be.

Can two walk together, except they be agreed?

Amos 3:3

Surround yourself around some like minded individuals where you can learn and absorb as much knowledge, information and understanding as you can. Being around these like minded individuals gives you the opportunity to be around people where you all will be operating off of the same wave frequency. Also, being around these people bring a level of accountability; being held to a higher standard. There is a level of accountability that will be placed on you to challenge yourself to grow and evolve everyday. Not going back to the same way that you were but pressing forward. This is good because the time that you used to spend being unproductive. Will be filled with task/objectives for you to accomplish everyday.

3) Invest in yourself

(Stop looking at others/what they got and have)

Stop spending so much money on making others rich and wealth. Take that money that you earned and go fund your own success. Don’t tell yourself that you can do it because you can. There is no excuse. You are spending way too much time being a spectator, being a fan watching others win and you could be out there winning as well. We are all bank accounts, stocks and bonds. You have to add value to it before it becomes profitable, “YOU GET OUT WHAT YOU PUT IN.” Investing in yourself does not cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. All it cost is a made up mind. Are you ready to make your mind up??

4) Fear No More

Cut that computer, television off and put that cell phone down. Stop living vicariously through others people. Quit watching them win on every level and you sitting back marvelling at this. Tssss, you have the same drive, effort, focus and tenacity within you. You just have to access it. “You will never know unless you try, so why not start with yourself”- fisherofmen. Stop sitting back wishing upon a star. Go out and go get what you want. Whatever you want it is yours. Move past the fear because it is hindering you from your next level. There are steps that you have to take in life and you keep falling constantly remembering that pain allowing yourself to stay in the crawling stage because those hardwood floors hurt. Metaphorically speaking.

5) Walk with Assurity

Yo, you are walking down this new path. You don’t know what obstacles, road blocks, situations or conflicts lies ahead of you. But make no doubt about it you must keep the faith. Know that what you are seeking for, asking for and working toward will and shall happen. You will be receiving criticism, hatred, etc from North, south,east and west. But still walk in assurity. Look the enemy is just messing with you. His plan and purpose is to decide you. The enemy will even go as far as talking to you in your in your head with your own voice saying, “you don’t deserve this. You know it’s too good to be true. You don’t have what it takes, because if you did it wouldn’t take this long me to see any good happen.” The enemy is sowing seeds of doubt and unbelief. It’s a trick. He peeped your future a long time ago and seen how mighty you really are and will be. So it is his mission to stop you. He wants you to deviate from the plan and purpose of your life. He knows that you are trying, your are fairly new at this so you don’t know everything that is and is not supposed to happen. Still walk in assurity. Don’t allow all your hard work to go to waste. There is nothing more sweet than seeing what you have been working toward come to fruition.

5) Yahuah (God)


 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

Philippians 4:13

With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.

Matthew 19:26

Remember Your life is designed for a great purpose not mediocrity



Weeping may endure for a night, but….

What it do

Yo, there is a gospel song by Donald Lawrence and tri-city singers titled “The best.” The line that they sing is key to life, “weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning.”

Man, Everytime I hear that line I wondered how many people are out of their season of weeping and in their season of joy and are still weeping. My dad says it best, “YOU KEEP HOLDING ON TO YOUR PAST, YOU WON’T HAVE A FUTURE.” Why we do this?

1) Well most of the time we don’t have a strategy to overcome adversity.

You gotta deal with adversity. Yes, problems, situations arise that are out of your control. These situations come in ways that one could never image. But it’s not the adversity that’s the problem. How you handle adversity is the problem. Look, there is no way around it or under it. You must go through it. Courage is the key. When trouble comes your way you have to stand tall, be firm don’t waver or move. Stare into the eye of that Strom and let the storm know that it swang and gave its best shot, but its best was not good enough. Now it’s your turn.

For example, a palm tree can not be broken or torn to piece. Yes in storms it bends and sways back and forth. But, it can never be moved it is firm and sturdy, never up rooted.

Think about it.

2) Maybe we don’t understand that we are to let go and learn from the situation not hang on.

Letting go of situations and things that have deeply hurt you is hard to do. Man, sometimes it feels like you need a intervention. I challenge and encourage you to step back and anaylze that these hurts that you are holding on to is doing more harm then any good. You are not getting the lesson out of your pain because you are constantly focusing on the negative. DO NOT keep remembering the hurt because you will be only keeping it around as a means to get even and stay relevant. Yes I said, staying relevant. Alot of hurt people keep holding on to hurt because they feel that a piece of them was lost in that particular time. Don’t do this, it is pointless. Instead seek out the lesson, get it, understand it and move on. Don’t look back. Just get the lesson and go.

3) Maybe we don’t have the confidence that we will emerge victorous.

Tell youself that I will and I am going to come out of this victorous. Sometimes in situations that look like there is no help, no mercy, no end. You have to become your own cheerleader. You have to will yourself to the finish line even if you don’t see one. Doing this is not a matter of do feel like youycan emerge victorous. IT IS A MATTER OF DO YOU WANT TO EMERGE. You know desperate times calls for desperate measures. So why not become desperate in your moments of trials and tribulations to see yourself win.

4) Maybe the situation is so overwhelming and tramuatizing to us that we can’t seem to shake it.

What I am realizing with my own troubles is that the mind only precieves overwhelming and tramuatization when it loses control over situations and things. In any situation it is common for humans to try to fight fire with fire. You may try to regain auhority by Waring with your situations, but I advise you don’t even try. Your wasting your time. Just let go and let Yahuah (God). Simply put he has the purpose for your life. He has a plan for your life. He knows your end from your beginning. He knows the trials and test that’s going to come your way in life. Lastly, he knows what it’s going to take for you to perservere in life. So who better hands to be in then the heavenly father.

Remember trouble don’t last always

Hunger for knowledge, thirst for understanding

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Fisher Of Men


You don’t know my story
You don’t know my pain
You can’t possibly understand all that I been through
All the opposition that I had to face
Countless nights of crying and suffering
Worrying, questioning, when will this all be over?
Telling myself that it’s just a dream, when it’s my reality
You look at me like this prefect being
My life through the eyes of you look untouched;
no blemish
Look closely and you will see the boldness that I had;
remaining brave when situations in my life warrant me to quit, give up and just die
The confidence in keeping the faith in difficult times
Having the foresight to see the end while I am still searching for my beginning.
You don’t know my story
You don’t know my pain
Through the eyes of you all you see is what I have gained
but make no mistake about it
What I have gained is minor compared to what remains.
The boldness and confidence to preserver through tough times and not be afraid;
that my situation can change and my life won’t remain the same.

–Keyshaun Collins

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Be blessed and stay encouraged

Side note this post is not about me. I wrote what I thought courage would sound like. Well lets talk what are some of your interpretations of Courage or have you been through things that you had to show courage in to preserver.