Watch “Butchers Admit When “We See Cancer In Pork, We Just Cut It Out And Still Sell It”” on YouTube

Ummmm, wow. That’s some nasty shit but this just shows that we have no idea as of to what we are putting in our bodies. Whatever these animals eat we are also eating. Besides a pig is a unclean animal no one should be eating this animal. This animal is a bottom feeder. It’s purpose is to clean up the earth of its filth and pollutants. That’s is not a animal that you put into your body. That’s just like drinking synthetic oil. It’s for your car not you. Pete wonder why they have allergic break outs, inflammation of the skin, problems with the large and small intestine. It’s because of what you are putting inside of you. A pig is like a allergy fish it’s purpose is to eat allergy, waste. It’s body was designed to clean the planet. That’s what your placing inside of you “calling it delicious.” Don’t get me wrong I used to destroy some bacon. Man you could tell me not a thing but I soon realized that, that pink sucker is deadly. It’s a reason why the Messiah casted all those legion of demons into the pig and not something clean. Think about it.


Contaminated juice??

What it do,

So I was watching Chicago’s CBS news and they had a interesting segment that warrants parents to give their children less juice because it contains poisonous metals that can cause long term effects like kidney disease and cancers.

It just shows how we are sometimes unaware of what these food industries are placing in our package foods and labeling it as healthy.

So metals like Arsenic, Lead and Cadmium were alleged found in 40 different types of juices, but the news never showed the 40+ they only showed 3 from the major food companies. My thing is this how long has juices been apart of this society? And for some strange odd reason the news is just now knowing that certain metals and chemicals are placed in our foods for coloring and perservatives. Definitely parents should give their children more water with their meals instead of juices. Also parents themselves should stay away from the juices, coffees and sodas these things contain high acidic levels that destroy the teeth and destroy the lining in the stomach. Could the news just be instilling fear in all of us? Maybe so, all I know is that we should definitely do research on what we’re putting in our bodies.

Arsenic: a poisonous trioxide As2O3 or As4O6 of arsenic used especially as an insecticide or weed killer

 called also arsenic trioxide


Lead: a chemical element with symbol Pb (from the Latin plumbum) and atomic number 82. It is a heavy metal that is denser than most common materials.

Lead is used as a covering on some wires and cables to protect them from corrosion, as a material to absorb vibrations and sounds and in the manufacture of ammunition. Most of the lead used today is used in the production on lead-acid storage batteries, such as the batteries found in automobiles.


Cadmium: a toxic bluish-white malleable ductile divalent metallic element used especially in batteries, pigments, and protective platings

Cadmium chemical element

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