The fear of the Lord and wisdom.




The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction. Proverbs 1:7 KJV.

Fear used in this context means reverence for God. Honor, respect, obedience to God’s Word and instructions.

Wisdom comes from God and it’s by listening to the Word of God, reading to show ourselves approved and obeying him that we are endowed with wisdom and understanding.

The same verse said, fools despise wisdom and instructions.

Ps 14:1 says, “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good”.

The same verse was repeated in Ps 53:1.

So the Word of God describes anyone who does not acknowledge God’s existence and reverence him, as a fool.

This is true, seeing the majesty of God through the beauty of his creation and not acknowledging him or giving him…

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Saturn And Cube Symbolism Explained

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We live in a world that’s controlled through symbolism, hand gestures, false idols and doctrines. If we take the time to look around us we will see the true nature of the world. Occult symbolism has been around for thousands of years. The original is worship if the sun, fire and snake (serpent). Some of these big corporation show you just who they worship and adhere to through, corporate branding, advertisements and corporate logos. Some are the car Saturn, Nissan, Nintendo game cube, Taco Bell and so much more. However, it is important that we become more aware to what we take in through the eye and ear gate. More and more everyday we are being indoctrinated with these symbols, words, hand gestures and phrases. But what does all of this mean? Also is this warning us of the times that we are living in?


Reblog: 7 Ways Your Friends Determine Your Future — Thrive Global

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I am reminded of scripture

Amos 3:3

Can two walk together, except they be agreed?

When you pick your group of friends make sure that you surround yourself with like minded individuals.

Connection. In the very wiring of our DNA, we long for it. Regardless of the American ideologies of the self-made man or the independent woman —of which one could argue don’t really exist—in actuality, we are extremely dependent creations. We need each other. We have been wired for relationship. But here’s the thing: not all…

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Never stop praying

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Just as a side note. Sometimes the things that we pray for don’t get answered. The situations and circumstances remain the same. No it’s not because Yahawah Bahasham (God) is a mean God. No, it’s not because he finds it funny that you’re suffering. No, it’s not because he has attended to someone or something else. It’s simply because some situations and circumstances that we face are simply for his glory. Everything that has happened to us or is going to happen to us is for his glory, not our own.

Now that does not mean stop praying or give up hope on the heavenly father. I’m simply saying when we pray stop praying to just get prayers answered so you can stop going through what ever trials or test that you are facing. Stop just praying for a release but pray that you can withstand, prevail and continue doing the work of the most high. Pray that this trial and test don’t hinder you from giving Yahawah Bahasham (God) your all.

In the end his glory is way more significant than our own.

Y’all stay blessed. Peace.


Train the brain

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The former head of the United Negro College Fund coined the well-known phrase,

“A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”
Arthur Fletcher

What do you think are good ways to train your brain?

Post your comments down below in the comment section.

There is no gym equipment out there in the world that can strengtheneth your mind. That muscle is physically untrainable.