Stop Searching For Something That’s Already There ~ Words Of Wisdom #2

Don’t make life hard for yourself. The very thing that you are searching for, God has placed it down on the inside of you. Take what you already have and maximize it to the best of your abilities.

Nigerian pastor who praised God in ransom video beheaded after refusing to deny Christ

The only thing that comes to mind is what I used to hear my mom say when I was between the age of 11-18. “For christ o live, for christ I die.” This brotha was about his and didn’t deny christ at all. It’s just crazy because that’s what this world is coming down to. There will be a day when people will have to choose. The Yahawashi (christ of the Bible) or Satan the god of this world. There will be no more in between. No more grey areas. It’s either you are in or out. You can’t serve both masters. You must love one and hate the other.

Article by Samuel Smith


What’s Coming Is Better Than What’s Gone

Stop holding onto the old. Let it go. Move past it. You have better opportunities that’s ahead of you. If you keep you keep dwelling on what you lost, or what you used to have. You will miss what you are about to have. What you used to have is gone for a reason. It was just there to service you for that moment. You can let it go so it can bless someone else, just like it has blessed you.