Embrace Uncertainty One of my favourite ways to energize before teaching psychology classes at St. Clair College is to summarize a theory in practical and concrete ways in the parking lot. Literally! 🚘  I filmed this video 5 minutes before I was about to teach a lecture on personality and positive psychology in my liberal arts […]

Stay Open to the Possibilities

You want to always stay open to new possibilities and adventures because they add to what you already have, need or missing. Staying open to the possibilities perpel you forward into new territory that can add new and exciting times for your life. This stuff will expand you minds; challenge you in ways that can mature you both inside and out. Teaching you about life’s greatest gifts and what it has to offer to you. If you just stay open to the possibilities you can receive so much that will take you from good to better than great if you just stay open.

Remember never close yourself off to possibilities there is so much knowledge, wisdom and understanding that you can receive. If you close yourself off from the possibilities you won’t be able to receive any of it. How can you ever reach the level of being a complete human if you are always closing yourself off from the possibilities. Think about it.