Repetition. Ah, that wondrous turn of events that does not turn effortlessly on its own. Like building a skyscraper, there are seemingly little, repetitive needs that create a foundation upon which such structure can be sustained. Much the same in training dogs. Even once that foundation is set firm, the repetitive needs of the structure […]

Up, Down, Good Girl, Repeat

What Is Repetition? states (noun) the act of repeating, or doing, saying, or writing something again; repeated action, performance, production, or presentation.

A word that most have trouble with in their everyday life but some don’t realize that they do repetitious things that yeild them continuous success or failure. People struggle with repetition because sometimes you they want to see the results right away. So they will change what could be about to yield results for what appears to move quick.

However, repetition is not based on how fast something happens for you. Repetition is based on repeatedly building a sturdy foundation that can stand on its own and consistently progress overtime and yield results everyday. But that waiting for it to happen one-day to do just that gets individuals in a lot of trouble.

So I say don’t focus on reaching the finish line so soon so you can bask in the glory of your success. Focus on building, molding your art. You have to look at whatever you are laying the foundation in as you are creating a master piece. That’s what life is a canvas and you are the artist. Focus your energy, time and effort on creating a presentation (master piece) that you can be proud of and make it presentable to the world. Having a sturdy foundation that at it’s core is the concrete principles and tenants that is a manifestation of what you represent as a person. Showing anyone that uses your services what they should expect from you and also what they themselves should be living their life by.

Don’t rush the process of repetition you don’t want to push a product out their that is rushed and lacks character, care and capabilities. Because at the end of the day when you don’t value repetition you are just left with potential (what could become of something “if” work and staying the course “is” applied to it). You don’t want whatever you are doing in your life to be referred to as a after thought.

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