It has been called the Achilles’ heel of the Christian faith. Of course, I’m referring to the classical problem of the existence of evil. Philosophers such as John Stuart Mill have argued that the existence of evil demonstrates that God is either not omnipotent or not good and loving — the reasoning being that if […]

Why Does God Allow Evil?

My opinion why does God allow evil it because he is the god of both God and evil. He refund over both. Growing up in the Christian faith they always made it seem that God was just going to allow nothing but good to happen to us and once someone had something bad occur to them they would always say God why? Why has this bad thing happened to me? Well we live in a world where both good and evil exist. There are two paths to walk in life you take the right path that leads to righteousness or you take the left path which leads to damnation. However you can’t walk both paths you must choose one and reject the other. We do as humans have a right to choose. God has given all of is a free will to do so. You can say that evil is based on the humans rebelliousness against the most high and his laws, commandments and stautes. The evil that he allows separates his people from the world’s people. It makes a clear distinction between the two. It shows mankind that we need the heavenly father whether we like it or not. Everything goes through him. There isn’t a single thing on this earth that does not come from him but only those that humble themselves will acknowledge that. So the question shouldn’t be why does God allow evil? The question should be of we know that he is all seeing and all knowing then why do we continuously participate in evil knowing that in the end it will lead to our destruction? You can’t beat the creator we will always lose. We play be his rules he don’t play by our carnal rules and ways.