Originally posted on The Shubhster Diaries: My head is so often filled with words that I would probably never say out loud sometimes, I can tell you that it is so loud in there. I am sure that a lot of you can relate to what I am about to say right now. At some…

Owning Your Narrative.

See owning your own narrative don’t disqualify you from the criticism that you will face from other people. When you have words to say and or write there will be people picking with you. Throwing shade and hating you. But you have to have thick skin. You can’t go around convincing everyone of who you are. Because the name of the game is not for them to get to fully know you. They just know of you through what you say through camera or what you write about on a post. You can’t say anything back to them to defend yourself. It’s pointless. Not because you are scared of anything but those particular people that are targeting you for whatever reason. Only God truly knows why they do what they do. Are desperate for attention and by you going back and forth with them is just giving them the fuel that they need to stay relevant. So don’t worry about them. They aren’t even on your level. They are just made because you were able to cultivate your gifts and talents. You are possibly living the dream that they talk about. These same people that try to hurt you are the same ones that like and watch everything that you produce. Aka your fans. So keep going on never mind them. The relevance that they are searching for needs to be produce by them making something of themselves not from you feeling any hurt or pain from the anger that they have toward themselves about themselves being aimed at you. Let people say what they want and think what they want. You are whatever they say that you are. Just know that at the end of the day you are still winning. Trust and only concern yourself with what you think and know to be true about you. Those that spend time with you in your everyday life that truly have your best interest at heart know more about you. Be secure in that and just forget about rest of that foolishness. Because if people that spend time all day criticising and hating knew that if they spent half as much energy and effort on themselves as they do trying to destroy others they to would be in a excellent position in life.