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In life we experience many hard truths that pertain to life. The hardest one is that life is steadily and rapidly moving forward. So it’s up to us to be apart of the movement or be left out.

What Is The Definition Of Life?

According to Google definition life (noun) is the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death. My point exactly life is always perpelling forward not backwards. So it’s important that we focus on continual growth and change. Whether it be gradual, consistent or huge. We should always be focus on moving forward.

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When it comes to life’s hardest truth you have to face the facts.

The Hardest Truth About Life

The hardest truth about life is that life will keep going with or without you. Life keeps moving. So as people we have a choices to make. We either move forward with life or get left in back. It’s a hard pill to swallow but it doesn’t matter what you could be going through or dealing with in life. As people we have to find some way to figure out how to overcome and keep going. You can’t hang on to the past and expect to have present or any kind of future.

Life Is Like Transportation

Life is like a transportation you can see it as a train, plane or bus. You have to go check the schedule for when the next arrival and departure time will be. Go purchase or already have your tickets purchased. If you have to use the wash room go do that. Go grab you something to eat or drink. Get all of your affairs in order. Be standing at the platform, bus stop or boarding line. When it’s time to board you want to be in line. Don’t be caught doing last minutes things that should of been handle hours, even days ago.

Be on the plane, train or bus. For if you don’t you will see you bus pass you by. You train pick up and leave with out you. You will be looking through the airport windows watching your plane take off without you. Now, the scary part is not passing you by. The thing to remember is when will you get another chance. Another opportunity like that again.

For some people they only get one chance and for some they get multiple opportunities. However you don’t want to waste what you got because you may go up to the window to ask a representative when the next train, bus or plane (opportunity) will be coming and you may hear. That was the last one for the night.

What Do I Do?

Now you’re stranded with no options only feelings of I need to make it so I can reach my destination in time. So what do you do? Well its very simple but hard. You take what life is offering you. Take it for what it is worth don’t take life for granted. Appreciate it and cherish what you have before you look up and it’s gone and you’re left wondering what could have been if I was there, ready and willing to come aboard.

What are the truths that you have experienced about life?

How has life hardest truth taught you to handle life?

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