Second Chance

Merriam Webster defines second chance as an opportunity to try something again after failing one time. You know sometimes we don’t fail the first time doing something because sometimes we aren’t equipped with the tools that we need to succeed. That’s alright see that first time as a learning experience. Don’t dwell on the past and burden yourself with the idea of “if I had everything the first time then I would have succeeded.” No don’t dwell on the past and beat yourself up. There’s no guarantee that if you were equipped with the tools the first time that you would have succeeded.

Take Your “L’s” As A Lesson

Second chances a opportunity for you do what intended on doing the first time. This is a opportunity for you to learn from short comings and have that story book ending that you desired to have. Just like your first chance don’t waste your second chance. Take advantage of what life give you and make the most with it. Don’t see your second chance as you failed and needed a do over. Just take the “L” as a lesson and learn. You have a second chance, make the most of it.