Hand Down, Man Down – Mark Jackson

What Is being Cooked?

Urban Dictionary describes cooked (verb)
To get insulted or made fun of by another person. If they get support from bystanders or a viewing audience then it is extra effective, whether the insults are true or not.

Karen Cooked Him With Shades On

If this was my son and he got cooked like this. I don’t want him to bring his butt home. You know it’s sad that when your camera man screams buckets before you get scored on. I mean she gave him two in and outs. She sized him up. Then he took the bate and she shook him with a behind the back. Then she took him to the rack and with a very very beautiful left hand finger roll.

No He Wasn’t Ready

When I seen this video I heard Kevin Hart voice in my head and then I instantly started thinking about the Prince sketch on The Chappelle’s show. Imagine if she took him to the rack and did this.

Prince Sketch from The Chappelle’s Show

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That young man got some butter with that roll. He, I’m sorry but is losing all basketball privileges. What would of been nasty is if she wrapped him. Then gave him a step back and hit a fadeaway. Nothing but bottom of the net. However, he is not supposed to let this happen he was supposed to block her layup. He was supposed to send that shit to the moon.

I mean look at that shit he didn’t even slide his feet on defense and then once she wrapped him he let her body him. She gave a bump in the chest to create son space. This has to be a learning lesson for this young man. Never take anyone for granted on defense, even middle aged white women that look like they just finished making a apple pie.

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