This is 2020 the year of clear vision. From this day forward all will be able to see what we refuse to realize before. You know I’m hearing a lot of people saying how they miss social interaction. This isolation is killing people. Embrace being by yourself for some time. There’s nothing wrong with it. Trust me the people that were around us before the Rona most likely didn’t add to our lives in the first place.

So this isolation is a blessing in disguise. I’m seeing on news outlets that the U.S. plans to open. It seems like June is the intended month that everything should back in full motion. While that is being worked out I’m wondering is there a cure in the workings. Probably not, I mean the covid-19 is not the scary thing that people should be taking serious.

The scary thing that people are unaware of is the witches that governs this world is counting on the people’s willful ignorance. So many of us are crying for social interaction, work and money. That we will miss how covid-19 is being used as a weapon to re-enginer our world.