I was a sophomore or a junior in college and it was my girlfriend’s birthday. I wanted to do something nice for her. I normally would take her shopping so she could get herself some new clothes and shoes. Both of us don’t like wearing the same clothes for too long. So this particular birthday I took her to a sports store and bought her some workout gear and gymshoes to workout in. Then took her to Discovery so she could get her some more clothes. I couldn’t stand by and not get in on the action. So I also purchased myself some appearl.

When everything was final I had spent $600-$700 dollars. This did not include that we wanted to eat at Applebee’s and go watch a movie afterwards. It was a exciting birthday. She was thrilled that she got all new clothes. I was happy to buy the items for her. It felt like a successful birthday. Just the joy that was on her face.

I sit back and mention this to my wife now. I say remember on your 21st or 22nd birthday when I spent $600-$700 dollars. She says yeah that was a good birthday. We were pretty foolish because we would spend hundreds of dollars like if we had hundreds of dollars rolling in every day.

We would get those financial aid checks and go crazy. Our favorite little hangout spot used to be IHOP before they changed management and the service got bad. We would go to the movies alot and I had this really bad. I would sit in class and keep refreshing my account. Once I seen that the check cleared. I would make plans and rush to target or Walmart and purchase video games and other stuff.

I look at my wife and say thank God that I got hired for the summer conference assistant position. That came in clutch. And you getting hired as a paid intern to work at a daycare. Man our spending habits were not good. We used to abuse money. Now we’re alot better and times have changed. Both of us got pretty good paying jobs. We learned our lesson in college. The next time that we got financial aid checks we either sent the money back to the loan place or we just opened a savings account and spent what we needed to spend.

But I told my wife if I spend over $600-$700 dollars again it to get a house and couple of toys. I’m feeling the Hellcat, Dodge Durango SRT, my favorite a Cadillac Escalade, a classic a box Chevy, and I’m working toward it but a Lamborghini Aventador.

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