This is disgusting what career day is this. A grown women dancing in loose clothing in front of children. They aren’t supposed to be subjected to these types of things. Seeing something like that at a very young age has a affect on them that makes them go down the wrong path from a young age. It scars them with lust, perversion. These little children will have lingering questions of what they witness that neither parent or teacher will be able to explain to them in depth. Especially when this type of behavior has been normalized right before their eyes.

It’s very important that parents protect their children in these last days. All types of lust and perversion will be targeted toward the youth as a way to get them to deny God and follow after the tenants of Satan. It’s very important that the parents monitor what your child sees through the television and hear through the television and life. This is a abomination.

Now if a man was to be at a school doing this he would be stopped and thrown in jail. However, seeing that this world is all for women’s rights and equality. The worship of the mother goddess and following her laws, stautes and commandments. The modern day women is allowed to do such abomination and get away with. The world sees the actions of a women as cute and not a threat. She is encouraged to keep living her truth, but these youth are at a age where their eyes and ears shouldn’t bare witness to such acts.

This is not a truth that the youth should be in amazement of but rather rebuke and not be front and centered of.