Original question on Quora is were you a cool kid in school? How did it turn out for you in the end?

I was the most popular kid in my elementary and high school. Not by choice though. I did things and said things that people seen as brave, bold and me having a none carring attitude. People I guess really admired who I was as a person and wanted to mimic those personality traits that I had.

It’s crazy because I didn’t see myself as a cool kid or someone who is popular. I just wanted to be myself and honestly hurry up and graduate so I could get the hell out of school. It kind of confused me as of how I became someone whose popular. Alot of the kids that desperately wanted to be dawned as popular. Seemed to sacrifice their dignity, self-respect, morals and values. Me I just remained who I was and was unapologetic for being simply me. I couldn’t and change for anyone.

Now the kids that I went to school with didn’t like me for being that way. I would hear them plotting to say and do things to me to get a reaction or response out of me. Then on the other hand they also admired my personality and wanted to be around me so much. I on the other hand didn’t want that type of association with phony individuals that didn’t have a identity for themselves.

The more and I did and said things that displayed me. The more and more they wanted to be around me. I became the talk of the schools that even the teachers would say so what will you be doing today that will influence the rest of your classmates. I am not a influencer for crying out loud. I am simply me. I would say, but if this is how celebrities feel having everything that they say and do under a microscope. Then I’ll take the riches not the fame.

I mean everytime I would be in class or walking down the hallway I would hear or see something that I did being reenacted. If one of them couldn’t mimic it right then they would call my name and say do it, do it. If I gave in and did what they requested then you would hear a eruption of laughter. However, there were more days that I refused. They, well weren’t pleased and I got talked about behind my back. As we grew older and became seniors I guess they got bold and I would hear how they really felt to my face.

I am much of a loner. Has always been that way for me. If I did have friends I kept my circle small. Like so small that you could count on one hand small. I ran with only one other friend. We pretty much were similar in humor, fashion, laid-back individuals that prefer to chill and not be extra. Soon he would fall pray to the crowd and I would be solo again.

I tell you, the more and more I became popular. The more and more I became miserable. You know how some entertainers say the pure joy, laughter and applause that they received after amusing an audience. They caught the bug. They were hooked. Well, this was the total opposite for me. I hated pleasing people. Being a instrument of entertainment for someone else’s amusement. I’m not a tv I can’t just turn on and turn off for you. This is not reality being a instrument of distraction from reality for other people. I don’t take kind to people living vicariously through me.

It was miserable and I made a decision to shut it down. I was being silly just because that was a way for me to survive school. I didn’t want to be within those walls. So I resorted to laughter and playing around. When I hooked up with someone like minded. Oh man, we took it to the next level. I enjoyed that while it lasted. I wish that I could tell him how much I appreciate for him being my bro. I need it that at that particular moment in my life. I assume that he need the same. We didn’t hold back at all. Wish I could tell him thank you. Those times are fun and memorable.

As for me I turned out graduating from high school and college. I decided to go in the direction of earning my CDL as Trade. Make a pretty good living doing so. Married to a beautiful latina and realizing that I love writing and touching people with the art of doing something meaningful. Not comical in anyway. So there you have it. Being a popular kid sucked for me. I hated the attention. Do I regret it? Hell no. Do I miss it? Nope. But if it’s one thing that I learned is that I am a influencer. So here I am using that ability to do something of wisdom not foolishness.

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