Several states ease Coronavirus restrictions despite warnings of maintaining a 6 feet of separation and some fear a second wave. To be honest the reason for several states easing Coronavirus mitigation despite warnings have nothing to do with the protection or concerns for its American citizens. The reopening is about the almighty dollar. The economy is loosing money not making money.

Trust me the creators of this Coronavirus knew the damage that this virus was going to cause globally. The problem is not states reopening despite mitigation warnings. The focus should be is there a cure?

There are three reasons why states are reopening. 1) Power. Behind problem that this world has ever faced the government’s of the world have are always behind the scenes fighting for power and control. 2) Economic Purpose. 3) The Ritual. The witches aka hidden ones need this virus to accomplish what it was created to do and that’s kill, kill, kill.

Believe it or not but all of these deaths are sacrifices for their mother goddess. This virus was around in 2019 but became mainstream on the same day of Kobe’s death. The virus took off during the month of March. Starting the spring equinox. The months April, May and June are all for the mother goddess going into Beltane.

Yes this virus is real and it be treated as such. So stay safe and keep practicing safe distancing and cleaning. However, this virus is apart of a ritual. This virus is a pestilence that got released globally. We have all been breathing in the same air for some time now. Before mask were made mandatory we all have some trace of the Coronavirus within us. It’s just a matter who immune system is strong enough to fight off the virus. This is a biochemical warfare.

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