Post Coronavirus what are your plans?

A Thought without questioning, is like a question without a thought.

I am curious to know people’s answer to this question for about a couple of weeks now. Right now all we can do is sit in the house eat, do home exercises, play video and board games. Some people are still blessed to have a job during this time. While others are left saying how much they can’t wait for all of this to be over. Some individuals miss spring and it seems summer will be cancelled as well. Which is crazy to think about. We are literally on lockdown due to a global illness. Wow, how about that. As of 2020, man, it is cancelled. It’s time to start hoping and looking toward better days come 2021. This stuff is pretty crazy, right? I mean literally kids won’t be going to school and moving on to the next grade. I wonder how schools are going to handle that situation. I would love to be in the board meetings to hear that conversation. The unemployment rate keeps growing and growing. The death toll keep rising. Some people are out here during these times going mad. And while all of this is going on I am wondering what are people plans for post Coronavirus. It shows you where my priorities are. Hey, it’s life. Life still moves on with or without us. That train will leave the station so it’s our job to purchase a ticket either at the booth or on the train from the conductor.

Just think about this we will be in the history books. I remember being in school reading and being tested on the bubonic plague and other viruses and illness. Thinking to myself how did those people and their families survive that period in time. How long did it take to develop a cure. How much money was spent to guarantee the survival of mankind. How long did that virus and illness last. How was life before the virus and what was life like post the virus. I wished I had a time machine so I could have went back in time so I could observe the behaviors of people. Obviously that was going to happen, but here we all are faced with our own piece of history that will shape our society. Either for the better or worst. Just think the next generation up will read in history books about this time period and say, mommy, daddy what happened in 2020? What was it like? What happened? What did you do to survive? As for me I want to know what people did to keep a peace of mind?

I know for me I was looking forward to my job giving myself and my co-workers the discount papers to go to Six Flags. I missed last year, because I was working so much. No, that’s a lie I forgot to purchase the tickets. I was on vacation and I was having so much fun not going to work. Staying up late and going to sleep around 8am. That it slipped my mind.

It’s all good though I don’t really enjoy standing in all that heat in the long lines a Six Flags to ride for about how long? What, 2 or 3 minutes. Naw, I’m lying again it would have been something nice to do. I don’t really like to do much anyway so going to a amusement park would of been a nice relaxer. You know just thinking about it going to a place where hundreds and thousands of people will be in attendance probably is not a good place to relax. I gotta do a better job picking out my places to relax.

However, what are your plans post Coronavirus? What were some plans and adventures that you were hoping to accomplish this year?

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