So I found this on Instagram and I agree with this 100%. The road to success is very lonely. You will be walking by yourself unless you the most high bless you with a friend or companion that understands and shares the same struggles and frustrations as you do. There will be alot of friends and family members that will come and go. That’s okay. People come and go out if your life because the process that you are going through right now maybe taking too long in their eyes and they can’t wait any longer for you to get where you need to be. Most people may be hanging around you because they see that you can offer them something that they aren’t willing to put in the work for and earn it for themselves. They want quick, fast results and you’re taking too long. Many people don’t and won’t share the same vision as you. That’s because you maybe associating with acquaintances whether that be friends or family members that are apart of your life but want you to focus on their vision and help establish their goals and build their dreams. In other words you have people setting up their kingdom inside of your kingdom. However that’s okay. Those particular individuals aren’t for you.

Most people that you come across or are in your life don’t believe and won’t help you accomplish that which you set out to do because no one will help you build or do Something unless they see you do the heavy lifting first. People don’t usually want to be apart or the building they want to be apart of the completion of work. That is why you have to keep going and don’t mind those that are around you. Once they see that you are on to something and it may just work then those very people will come with their hands out wanting a piece of what you have. Just keep smiling through the pain, the highs and lows and just keep working you will make it. Just run your race.

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The road to success May be long and lonely, but never give up.

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