Here in the West suburb of Illinois is a young women who is a wiccan that works at IHOP. I stopped going to the restaurant late nights to order some food because to be honest with you the night crew don’t make the food good. It seems rushed and the individuals that IHOP has hired for the night crew seem to all have a nervous condition or something. Where you are over other people’s food and you are cooks and servers just walking in and out of the establishment smoking cigarettes and them going to the back grabbing the plates and bringing the food to the table and you smelling like cigarettes. However that’s not the problem. I guess that she’s a manager that manages the night and how I know that she is a wiccan is because she is not unabashed to wear her necklaces showing her aligance.

When I noticed this I immediately told my wife that we wouldn’t go and eat from this particular IHOP anymore. This is because you don’t know who is over your food and what could they could be doing to your food when they go behind those doors to prepare your food.

I say all of that to because I know that this video don’t have anything to do with food but you dont know who you could be living next to, working around or with, dating, married to, etc.

When you mess with the devil or are in some form of satanist group or partake in the rising religion Wicca. You are wrestling with a demonic spirit. Or what the dsm-v may say it’s a mental illness. The sad part about all of this is that the world keeps encouraging the behavior of these particular individuals by telling them that their behavior is normal and those that don’t partake or have something to say that criticize their behavior are the ones who are not normal, but mean and hateful. These people need psychological help and lots of prayer because internally they are wrestling with spirits. It’s not normal. Those very same spirits that they are wrestling with are the ones telling them that Satan is good, loving and holy. All he wants to do is bless you and take care of you. Satan is a God of love.

Look you never know who you could be around. We can’t help it. We see many different faces everyday. I’m not saying this so you can live in fear. I’m saying this because it’s time for people to wake up and realize that the world that we live in is normalizing foolishness and abomination. It’s time for people wake up and realizing what’s happening all around them and start putting on the armor of the most high and guard and protect themselves from craziness like this. It’s an abomination and should not be tolerated.