Copying is very easy to do. Who is willing and ready to bring to the table originality? Who is willing and not afraid to bring a different flow and flavor; stand out from amongst many that look the same, sound the same and think the same?

First thing there is nothing wrong with drawing inspiration from another person’s work. There is nothing wrong with admiring his/her abilities, talents and gift. Sometimes we need to look at the work ethic, dedication and determination that someone else has. It gives us motivation, inspiration and it shows us how serious and focus that we need to be in order to make our stuff a success. Just don’t be lazy and take someone else work and erase their name from it and place your name there and take the credit for what isn’t yours. It’s not authentic, it’s dishonest, it’s stealing and you’re copying what they have done. Just know that whatever you have copied when it is placed in your possession. It will not prosper the same way that it would in there possession. That because what is theirs is theirs. What is yours is yours. Be original and not afraid to create what is on your mind to create.