How Important Is self-Awareness

What is self-awareness?

When you are self aware it enables you from being caught up in your own hype. You have the ability to know what you are capable of and what you are not capable of. Self awareness is good to have because it allows you to realize your surroundings around you. You will be able to understand the different was that you fit in a society. When you are not self aware you can have this perception of yourself and the world around you that is not ideal with what is actually taking place. You can start to become delusional; battling with differentiating reality from non reality and act or live your life accordingly to what you perceive.


2 thoughts on “How Important Is self-Awareness

    • I will write something about self awareness more in depth. In the original post I was just writing my opinion overtop of someone else article that I liked. Bit definitely can cover this topic more in depth later on down the line.


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