My dad called me earlier today. He want to hear my voice and we started having a conversation over the phone. We were talking about a recent situation that makes us both wonder what is going on with some people. We sometimes wonder what be going through people’s minds. We love people but sometimes we just don’t know.

My dad said something powerful to me. He said hey, hey, Shaun let’s not even go there. Let’s not bring up old bricks. I want you to listen to me. Listen to me very well. If you bring up old bricks from the past all you are going to do is build a bad future.

You know most people, not everyone but most people can’t seem to get over themselves or whatever occurred in their past. If it was their fault or not. They have a hard time letting go and moving on. It’s important that you do so. Because holding onto old crap will cause you not to obtain new life, growth, a better mindset, etc.

We walk around with this programming that our past defines our future. I’m here to say that it does not. Yes, what you do or don’t do today can affect tomorrow. However that’s only if you allow the mistakes that you have made to stay the same. If you don’t correct and learn from what caused you to stumble or make your life go a certain way. Then yeah, your life will never change. It will remain the same. But that’s only and I can’t stress this enough. That’s only if you don’t make the proper adjustments.

So take my dad’s advice don’t build a new house with old bricks. It won’t last.