In the book of Proverbs starting at the 6th chapter beginning at verse 6 through 8. It says, 6) Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise 7) Which having no guide, overseer, or ruler, 8) Provideth her meat in the summer, and gathereth her food in the harvest.

When I came across this Instagram image I instantly thought about how a ant operates off of hard work. All year around the ants are working together as a team to prepare for the next winter. They understand the times and how the seasons change. They know that if they are caught unprepared for the next winter without food. Their colony won’t survive.

It’s amazing how ants operate. They don’t waste time. They don’t make excuses. They just keep busy and focus. Hey, do you know or have anyone in your life everytime you look around they are always caught unprepared for what’s coming next. It’s almost like if they need to be reminded of the times that they are living in. Its almost like if they don’t have a vision, goal, plan and is unmotivated. They’re just living day to day. Or just going with the flow. It’s almost like if they are just waiting to hear a special word or message that will light a fire under them to move and persuade them to handle what they know that they should be handling regardless of what’s going on.

Consider the ant because they are well aware of what to expect every year. It doesn’t matter if we really get a winter with lots of snow and bitter freezing temperatures or not. They are well prepared anyway.

Why? Well ants are in tune with what’s taking place. Ants see what’s going on. Ants understand that their vision, plan and goal every year is the survival of their colony. Ants understand what they do or dont do today will affect tomorrow. Ants don’t complain. Ants don’t slack off. Ants don’t take their life for granted. Ants see the time that they do have as valuable time to gather and prepare.

Ants, they work hard but most importantly they work smart. They don’t wait till the last minute to start gathering. The ants put in that hard work all 12 months. Now when the winter comes and they are under ground eating and keeping warm. Them the party begins.

Two things to take away

1) Work hard but mostly work smart

2) Don’t be afraid to cut fun off to handle your business.

(Fun now, suffer later. Commitment and preparation now, enjoy the fruits of your labor later).