We all should have heard the saying, “you are what you hang around.”

Stop associating yourself with average people. I used to hang around people that are smart, intelligent, brilliant but prefer a average life. Most of these people are my family members. I watch and listen to how they articulate the meaning and ways of life. I say to myself wow. These are some gifted people and they don’t know that the most high had blessed them in such a way. It’s just sad that they prefer to do the bare minimum with everything that the most high has equipped them with. They associate themselves with individuals that don’t come into their life to server any purpose of good. These people just come to take and add more pressure to their life then they already have. But alot of the people that I used to know love and enjoy the company. I get it. I understand it. If you are going to be average then you have to associate with people that are on the same level as you. Because associating with someone that wants more for themselves will ruin the party for someone that prefer to live less than who they really, truly are.

So my message to you is don’t hang around average people. Don’t carry a mindset to limit yourself to a environment that doesn’t want to change or grow. Don’t hang with people that can’t add to your life like how you can add to there’s. Because in the end you will be out numbered by the by the many that don’t want much for themselves and you don’t want to compromise who you are just to maintain nothing.

Remember the words of nothing from nothing leaves nothing. Two average people in a relationship won’t be fruitful at all. Whose motivated? Whose determined? Whose focused? Whose willing? Who has the vision? Where is either of your help going to come from?

Think about it