I can remember the line from the Notorious movie that before we can change the world, we have to change ourselves.

You know it’s easier to find the issues in other people’s lives and solve the problem for them then it is for us to do the same in out life. Why is that? Well when you can pinpoint the issues that have been plaguing you for sometime now. It always requires a change to take place. Most people don’t do well with change. It’s easier for people to be tired of someone else bullshit and demand them to make that change. But when it comes to us demanding that same change in our own lives. We don’t take to well to it. It’s hard for us to adjust.

Why is that? Well we have a distorted and delusional way of how we really are. We believe that we are the perfect people and nothing wrong has or will ever come from us. We based this notion on the fact that alot of our issues and problems that we struggle with go under the radar. It’s undetected alot of the times because of the people that we are around and associate ourselves with. Simply put their bullshit is more known, broadcasted and more talked about.

Does this mean that we are perfect and don’t need correction? No, it does not. It just mean that this isn’t our time to have the microscope pointed in our direction magnifying ever issue, problem and situation that we have and need to be dealt with. Because it is not our time yet we bask in the moment of not having the finger pointed at us but being the one pointing the finger.

We don’t take into account that the same sword, finger that we are pointing at others, there are three to four pointing right back. Alot of the times we don’t take into account that the same issues that we our able to identify in others are the same issues that we identify with in our own lives. We just can’t bring ourselves to admit that openly and honestly.

Never forget that the problems that you are hiding, not talking about and basking in the glory of finger pointing is, can and will be revealed in you. The issues shows up on a person’s face. We as human weren’t meant to suppress our problems. The things we hold onto are like the toxic food that we eat, things we drink, smoke, etc. When you do too much of it and you are not able to cleanse yourself from the toxic waste that you digest on a regular. It becomes too much for the body. Too much for the skin to contain. So it burst through whether you want it to or not. However it comes, it comes. But not without warning first.

You will get signs in your body, life, mind, spirit. Usually the first stage you will be able to detect and locate the area and essences of the pain, hurt, brokenness, anger, fear, torture, torment, worry and concern. If you keep ignoring the issue then it will grow as you. As you turn a year older, it will turn a year older with you. When something good happens to you and for you. All that you refuse to identify in your life will be right there celebrating with you.

Don’t be that person that just want a solution without identifying the problem.

Remember that everything that we do and associate ourselves with in this world has a cause and effect. A problem and a solution. Cause: it snowed 6 to 8 inches over night. Effect: my driveway is covered in snow and the side walks are covered in snow. Both driving and walking will be challenging. You could slip and fall. Also your car maybe stuck in the driveway. Problem: 6 to 8 inches of snow. Makes Driving and walking challenging. Solution: Shovel or use the snowblower to clear a path on both driveway and sidewalk. Throw salt down.

My point is that you can’t run from solving problems in your own life. You have to face the fact that the problems that you do have are there. However they got there. They are there and currently active. But you have the choice to let them stay and cause further damage to your life. Or face them everyday. Take the necessary steps that’s need in order to solve them and get rid of them. So you can have the productive, fruitful life that you deserve.

To help with this here are some strategies

  • Step 1: Identify the Problem. With some problems you may have programmed yourself to forget about them through disassociating yourself with that time in your life that you deemed as tragic or traumatic. So very well may have to ask yourself what the problem is. You may have to go down memory lane to that dark place, traumatic time and dig up what you thought that you buried.
  • Step 2: Locate the area of damage. These problems and issues that we hang onto whether for one minute to fifteen years. It causes damage to our life, body, mind, soul and spirit. Locate the area of hurt and understand what you loss in the battle. Did you lose peace of mind, happiness, joy, personality, appearance, focus, determination, etc?
  • Step 3: Brainstorming. Come up with strategies on how you will take action. Sit down and take the time to know and understand what is your endgame. You know the problem. You located the area or areas of damage. But you haven’t figured out how you will go about accomplishing this change in your life. Do you need to disassociate yourself from friends/family members who aren’t giving and adding to you? We already know that you need a new direction. Or is the problem not with the direction but a problem is occurring because of what you have associated yourself with and traits that you have picked up. Maybe the thing that’s causing a shift in your direction of travel? What do you need to do to arrive at your destination?
  • Step 4: Assessing Alternatives. Simply put what are your sources of help? Do you have family that you can depend on? What about friends? Do you have someone that can hold you accountable? Maybe you need counseling. What is your source.
  • Step 5: The Solution. The solution to your problems is not going to be what you think, hope, or feel that it will be. Find out what you need to do to evolve as a person and do it. Don’t spend another, day, hour, second, or year rejecting it. Do what is right for you.
  • Step 6: Execute. Once you have that plan set into motion. Start moving on it. No time to talk anymore. Be about change.
  • Step 7: Evaluation. Keep track of your progress. Journaling it is a hell way to see over the days, and years of how far you have come and close that you are to accomplishing what you have set out to do.
  • Step 8: Keep going. Don’t stop, keep going. You aren’t doing this do you can change and evolve for five minutes. This isn’t for show. This is a life changing decision. You have to be in this 100%. There is no halfway in halfway out. Be not weary in well doing. Once you see results (this is solely based upon the person’s level and ability of work, determination, focus, and seriousness and want to change) keep going. Use that as motivation and inspiration to keep staying with what works. Don’t stop keep going.