Short answer: No

Long answer: You can not be a male and a female at the same time, but do anyone see the confusion?

In the book of Deuteronomy starting at the 22nd chapter, beginning at verse 5 it says The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the Lord thy God.

Either Christmas Eve or Christmas day I was on Twitter and I came across this image of a young male dressed in women’s garments. As the title read boys can be Princesses Too. I said to myself damn. What are we going to see next? Boys in cover girl ads and commercials.

You know what’s funny family? If you talk to the average person in this Babylonian society they will tell you that young males aren’t being emasculated. Yet, images such as this are made public.

You have to wonder what exactly are the corporations, industries, mainstream media, etc are trying to communicate to the masses. It’s pretty obvious to me what they are trying to say. In the words of what was placed on GQ magazine that Mr. Pharrell Williams was front and center on “The New Masculinity.”

What type of world do we live in where it is morally right for a young male to be taught that he is genderless?

What world do we live in where it is okay to raise a young males as a girl and it be accepted and defended by so many?

What world do we live in where young males including the so called black male is told to get in touch with his “feminine side?”

We live in a sick, satanic, sinful world that seeks to replace Yahawah as the head. This is a abomination cross dressing young males. The parents/guardians of this young male has failed him. They don’t love him at all to hand him over to such abomination. Where is the male to teach and instill the order, structure and stability inside this young man.

I tell you where they are, no where. Handing your child over to this beast system is the worst thing that any parent or guardian can do. These people believe in the coming together of opposites. They find beauty in the masculine and feminine coming together to make one. Their god has both male and female parts. They find nothing wrong with promoting anarchy, chaos and confusion. They seek to raise a generation that don’t know Yahawah, won’t love and obey Yahawah. Rather go against Yahawah and whole heartedly accept the ways of this Babylonian system.

Crossdressing is nothing new. Followers of Ishtar crossdressed both males and females. They were copying their goddess in doing so honoring her in this ritualistic practice. This was done as a way for males and females to blur the lines of the gender roles in society that Yahawah has set.

You know what’s crazy if The most high wanted males to look like females then he would have deemed it as righteous. However there is a reason why in the world that there is a distinction between males and females. It makes it easier to identify the sexes. It makes a clear distinction of what a male should be doing verses what a female is and should be doing. If you have both males and females mixing together then who’s who?

You know after looking at this picture multiple times I have to say that it’s sad and sick. This young male is being groomed into a catamite. This is over sexualizing this young male for a grown man. When you crossdress its a meaning of being castrated in honoring the mother goddess. You were turned into a male prostitute for a older man.

It’s sad because I can tell that soon we will be walking down the street and see a young boy holding the hand of a grown man. We will say awwwww how nice a dad with his son but no that little boy is not that man’s son but his lover.

It’s very sick, disgusting and a abomination. If you’re going to have children and not invest, teach and raise them like how the most high intended for them to be raised. Then stop having them because so much hell comes up against these children’s. Satan is just out seeking to devour the young and makes fools of them.