Most of the times our greatest opponent is ourselves that’s holding us back. Alot of the times we look a think that someone else has it out for us. Sometimes we think that the person is in competition with us. Really they aren’t most if the times they realize that we have the potential, talents and gifts to go far but aren’t willing to put in the work to obtain what’s ours. So their mindset could possibly be that if we won’t go for it then they will. So don’t worry about the next man next to you that could be gunning for the same position as you, job, lifestyle, car, money, family, man/women. Concern yourself with you. Focus on putting in the work to get what’s yours. At the end of the day it does not matter what your opponent is trying to go for. If you put in that work and it is meant for you to have what is yours at that particular timing. It will be yours. There’s is nothing that a person can take from you that is yours. It won’t prosper and work the same way in their possession as it would in your hands.