A time is coming where you will either accept Yahawah and his son or accept Satan. It’s coming to a theatre near you. They are tired of hiding their true identity. Time is running out. You either for it or against it.

You know looking at this tweet on Twitter reminds me when the Bible states that people will turn away from sound doctrine. People will seek after a message that feels good. They will seek after teachers that will teach the people a doctrine that they want to hear. What man feel is sound. Looking at this video I said to myself what in the hell were those children doing at a place where a drag queen was teaching them something. Look a drag queen is confused, conflicted and a abomination. The children don’t need to be exposed to such things. The women over these children need their asses whooped for having the children sitting and learning from such abomination. However, I said to myself that where’s the father at? Where is the patriarch at? Men protect your seed in these last days. The women processes the world through emotions. The women believes that everyone is equal and should be united. So the women will go for such abomination but you the man especially the black. Thinks with a three dimensional mind and process the world to logic and reasoning. You the man see that world has many doctrines and ideologies that it is pushing and promoting to the masses. The world’s main target is the youth.

We don’t need another generation being raised up to hate and despises the most high. We don’t need another generation that will proudly boast and participate in abominable acts going against the laws, statues and commandments that the most high has set before it’s people.

In order for the man to do this you have to stop being women worshippers. Stop being afraid to put the women back in her place. Take back over the household. Establish order, standards and stability.

What’s comical to me is that the lesbian comes up toward the end of the video and says provoke not the children to anger. This is out of contact. Because the children were not provoked to anger. But I said to myself look at this crap. A lesbian quoting scripture. I said to myself if she know the word then she would know that her life style is abominable in the eye sight if the Lord. Also she would know that the rainbow is in reference to a promise between the most high and his people to never send water to destroy the world with water. It has nothing to do with the LGBTQ-rstuvwxy and z community at all.

This is unacceptable those are young children. They don’t even understand life yet. But is constantly on the regular being taught and shown confused, chaos, anarchy, abominations and told that this is the norm. It’s ridiculous.

I believe that when Yahawah says to train up a child in the way that he shall go so when he gets older he will not depart from it. I believe that Satan took that to the heart and said okay. I’m going to raise up a child better yet a generation of children that I will train to follow after me and they won’t depart from my teachings. The reason why the youth is being targeted so young. Is because at the early stages of their life. A child is very open and receptive to the things around them. They can be taught so much and their brains can attain so much. But making pedophilia, pederasty, lesbianism, homosexuality, queers, transgenders, all of these “isms” normally is a way to break down the inhibition that are already set in a young boy and girl. This will strip them of their identity and replace it with a new identity. Furthering the programming from the world rasing a generation that will not only accept what is abominable as normal but become willing agents in further pushing and promoting abomination until this Babylonian society falls.