Little Boys Can Be Princesses Too

Check this out. Are many of you okay with your son growing up in a world like this? Are you a okay with this behavior being normalized? Are you okay with one day picking your son up from daycare or school and you ask the teacher how was he today. And the teacher says oh he was good we played make believe and he decided that he wanted to be a Princesses. Men are you okay with this shit. I’m asking the real men both physically, mentally and spiritually. Are you okay with this shit?

SMH. The destruction of the patriarch is in full effect. You can’t tell me that they aren’t pushing the feminization of the young so called black male. This is disgusting and a abomination. The parents/guardian that gave the okay for this young boy to participate in advertisement has failed this little man tremendously.

The normalization of being homosexual and flat out okay with embracing his feminine side is nothing but the work of the devil. But you have people in this world that don’t want to listen and hear when you tell them that this world is pushing and promoting the mother goddess worship and her son the Bacchus who is a crossdresser. The world is embracing the feminine aspect of life while destroying anything and anyone who has and displays any sense of masculinity. They will deem these people as a threat and use words like your ignorant and don’t judge men. Hell they will even say god is love. Yeah the god of this world pan. Yes he is love, man boy love to be exact. People don’t want to hear the truth they call this shit conspiracy theories. There’s is nothing conspiracy about a young boy being effeminized.

The Bible tell you that a man should not be wearing women’s garments and a women should not be wearing men’s garments.

This world is getting bad man. I believe that soon we will be witnessing a man walking down the street with a twelve year old boy holding hands in a relationship and the world will view this as normal. This is over sexualizing the young boy and grooming him to be the lover of a sick, twisted man.

God do anybody care about these children. The people presiding over these children have failed them. These parents have nothing to teach these children. This stuff is not okay. Its not normal. It goes against the nature in which the most high has created and set into order. This little man is being taught and encouraged in being confused.

Satan wants these children. He’s getting them while they are young. He is teaching and showing into them confusion, chaos and anarchy. This stuff will break down all the normal stuff that they heavenly father has placed inside of these children. So they can be groomed to carry out the agenda and accept all the ways of the enemy. To raise a new generation that will follow after Satan and reject and deny the most high.

It’s important that many of you who follow my blog and have little ones at home even if they are teenagers. To teach them, instill in them the fear and love of the heavenly father because this world is getting worse and worse everyday. These celebrities, athletes, etc are teachers of luciferianism. There job is to teach the masses and program you to follow and accept the ways of Satan whether you know it or not. But a end is coming to a theatre near you. That the witches of this world will reveal to you who they are and what they have been doing for centuries. You, the people will have to make a choice. You either for Yahawah and his son Yahawashi or against it and for Satan. But you can’t serve two master. You have to serve one and hate the other.


Vance County sheriff’s Deputy Violently Slams Child

Do anyone know further information on this story? Did the child say something out of line to the sheriff or was the child just minding it’s business. Either way acts like this toward a minor don’t need to be tolerated. This deputy need to be fired. The child could have lost his or her life from a slam to the floor like that. It’s disgusting the things that these people are allowed to get away with. That is inexcusable and there is nothing that the deputy should be able to say that would justify body slamming a minor like that who does not pose a threat at all.


Are You Battling With Your Opponent

Most of the times our greatest opponent is ourselves that’s holding us back. Alot of the times we look a think that someone else has it out for us. Sometimes we think that the person is in competition with us. Really they aren’t most if the times they realize that we have the potential, talents and gifts to go far but aren’t willing to put in the work to obtain what’s ours. So their mindset could possibly be that if we won’t go for it then they will. So don’t worry about the next man next to you that could be gunning for the same position as you, job, lifestyle, car, money, family, man/women. Concern yourself with you. Focus on putting in the work to get what’s yours. At the end of the day it does not matter what your opponent is trying to go for. If you put in that work and it is meant for you to have what is yours at that particular timing. It will be yours. There’s is nothing that a person can take from you that is yours. It won’t prosper and work the same way in their possession as it would in your hands.


Study Finds White College Admissions Counselors Looking For The ‘Right Kind’ Of Black Student

So pretty much the universities feel more comfortable having black students at their campuses that aren’t independent thinkers and can be controlled.