Caught this story on Fox News and it’s unfortunate that this 44 year old Asian man has Tapeworms in his chest and head. However, eating pork is not something that any human should be consuming. A pig is a bottom feeder on this earth. A pig is like a allergy fish it’s purpose is to clean up the earth of its filth. Why would you want to consume that? Whatever these animals eat, feel and whatever spirits are on these animals. When being digested by humans we are the recipients of everything that is consumed and on these animals.

Also eating half cooked meat, man you definitely have to be careful eating that. Better yet don’t undercook your meat at all. Alot of these animals are living in poor conditions on most of these farms. They walk, lay and eat in their and other animals fieces. These animals intake Tapeworms, pinworms, roundworms, etc and by humans eating their steak, beef, pork, etc medium rare. Those things that the animal ate didn’t die. You the consumer go and ingest the food and these little creatures being to grow inside of you cause health issues that you can’t explain how, where and why it is happening.

Should pork be digested? No, absolutely not. No one should be eating any form of a pig. The animal is unclean. Picture this when you partake in the consumption of a pig imagine you taking out your garbage compactor or garbage can at home. Pouring all the things that have been throws away onto your plate and grabbing a fork and spoon eating it for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

That’s what it’s like to eat pig. They are bottom feeders. They are designed to clean the earth of filth and waste. That’s exactly what your garbage can was designed for to hold the filth and waste collected from humans. You wouldn’t eat your garbage or others waste you would deem it as nasty and disgusting. So look at eating things such as pigs, lobsters, shrimp, crab, clam, oysters.