Joel Osteen and Kanye West Interview

The blind shall lead the blind and they will all fall into a ditch.

Yo I laughed hard when he said I’m receiving a message from God so he needed everyone to be quite so he can hear what god was saying to him. Look bruh. God is not talking to people anymore. We are not in the time of prophecy. If you want to hear from the most high pick up the Bible and read it.

You know my thing is this if this brotha was really representing the most high the world would hate him as they did the christ of the Bible. It’s funny how these mega pastors say that they are doing the will of the Lord but some how they can’t reach people. As Joel Osteen put it. Kanye reach people that the church can’t. Amazing Osteen standing there with his hands crossed making the “X” for Osiris and Kanye dressed in all black. As they do also representing Osiris and Saturn the god of the witches. All of this is a mockery of the people’s ignorance. Yahawashi tells you that there is going to be false prophets deceiving masses of people. Funny how it’s being displayed right before our eyes. Everyday, don’t believe me just go to the TV if you have cable and turn to the “TBN” Trinity Broadcast Network. These false teachers, lying preachers are everywhere.

Kanye West not only adds more money into these church leaders pockets. But it’s a mass spell that it being casted on the masses and you know what apart of me don’t feel all that bad about it either. Because for the most part some people know that this is bull. It’s not right and what they say is biblical inaccurate but they don’t care they are fans of these people and want to see a good show.

People love this strong delusion. What Kanye, Joel Osteen, TD Jakes, Creflo Dollar and much more are teaching people to be lovers of themselves, money, greed, idolaters, master of their own fate, these affirmation bullshit, you can get your slice of heaven now.

The Bible does not tell you that. It is easier for a camel to enter through the eye of a needle then for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of heaven. The bible doesn’t tell you that you will live this life Scot free and never go through anything. The Bible does not teach name it and claim it. The Bible tells you to not set you eyes on things below but on the things above. The gifts of God is eternal. The things if this world are temporal.

Hey, when you have strong delusion, mixed with false teaching and preaching and people want to hear a feel good message and put away sound doctrine you get Kanye leading people to God. I ask though what god is really referring to, remember these people speak in double speak. The ideologies that they project to the masses behind closed doors is not what they believe and adhere to.


Wassup world. I am Keyshaun Jamel Collins and what can I say about myself. First thing is that I never thought that I would be sharing my life, thoughts, experiences, ideas, and dreams aka my business with the world. I’m simply an introverted guy who views the world differently but prefers to keep to myself. I graduated from college nine months ago with my Bachelors of Science degree in psychology. That’s a big accomplishment for me. Yet, that’s not about me. I am a Chicago native born and raised to a black dad and mom who are still married till this day. That don’t describe me. I got a Puerto Rican and Mexican fiancée; my guy friends I had to break free from them because they were jealous. Couldn’t understand how I had the tools to get that one girl, while they stepped up to the plate swung and missed. That’s not about me. Went outside day after day practicing on what started as a dream in hopes of one day becoming a reality. I did not have the mental strength to let this curricular activity go, so I could realize that this was meant to be metaphor to teach me life and prepare me for my true gift. Now that’s me. I am a firm believer in to whom much is given, much is required (Luke 12:48). My goal is to give back, it is very easy to receive so much in life, but the real reward is to give back that knowledge so you can help the next fellow man under you struggling in whatever his/her situation may be. Through this website I have an opportunity to inspire, encourage and motivate. Paint a picture with my words while telling a story about my struggles, hard aches and pains; also the down falls and faults that I bare witness to everyday while I interact with numerous people everyday. How am I able to achieve this, simple I know myself. I know my self worth as a man because I envision it, claim it, speak it and walk in my authority confidently because I understand it. Like my dad and mom always say “If you don’t stand for something than you’ll fall for anything. Now that’s me.

2 comments on “Joel Osteen and Kanye West Interview

  1. I’m pretty conservative but I like Kanye. (Now.) In the sense that he is sharing his salvation testimony, not trying to actually pastor, and his outreach in places like the prison he went to.

    Osteen is less a prosperity preacher, say like Paula White and Benny Hinn, and more like a positive motivational speaker telling you to trust God.

    Not saying he’s perfect but he’s not as bad as people make him out to be. He’s definitely not in the Creflo camp.

    Kanye seems like a changed man. More power to him.

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  2. And it is my prayer that your love may abound more and more, with knowledge and all discernment,
    Phillipians 1:9

    What then? Only that in every way, whether in pretense or in truth, Christ is proclaimed, and in that I rejoice. To Live Is Christ Yes, and I will rejoice,
    Phillipians 1:18

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