Your Life Has Purpose

Just thought to share this from Twitter this morning. There’s alot of our youth out here wondering if there’s a plan and purpose for their life other than suffering, conflict and confusion. You are created for more. You have to place yourself around those that are going somewhere in life. Ask questions, research. You never know unless you search what you desire. As long as you have breath in your body there is always hope.

4 thoughts on “Your Life Has Purpose

  1. I agree! LOVE YOUR BLOGS!!!
    Positive thinking and good vibrations only! Which can sometimes be difficult to be positive when your life isn’t going as expected. But just remember when your daydreaming and you envision yourself living your best life and having something you’ve always wanted… that’s you! The Most High will ALLOW you to see your future self. You can have it! You can live it! But you have to BELIEVE more than anything it will happen. SPEAK IT like your already living it. Manifest the life you want!

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