Reblog: You Are Not Slow, You Are Moving

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“He was born into a wretched home, the type nobody could wish his worst enemy. They didn’t feed from hand to mouth, that would have been heavenly; they fed sparingly from ground to mouth. Thier poverty was indescribable….


25 Years Later…… The same dying boy is President of his nation.”

This is not a true life story, but it is a common storyline in our everyday movies. In an hour, a person rises from rags to riches, from sand to success. In just 1 hour!

It’s just a movie but I found out that the movie has affected our psyche. A lot of folks, especially in developing countries like mine – Nigeria, have absorbed the movie tales and presumed life to work like “Nollywood”. In a twinkle, money will be everywhere and life will turn from mad-sour to ecstasy-sweet. Does life really work like that? Maybe once in a…

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