Oh no, if the pastor don’t know then

See the word is hard to comprehend. Its us that’s hard to comprehend.

But seriously if the churches leaders don’t know then you should go to Yahawah(God) right? Wrong you should have always been seeking Yahawah’s face.

These church leaders and officials don’t understand the world of the most high. You can’t go to seminar school and get a in-depth understanding of Yahawah’s word. If the most high don’t choose you and impart you with his wisdom, knowledge and understanding then you won’t be able to grasp the scriptures. The knowledge that these pastors are teaching in the church are doctrines, philosophies and traditions of men. Some people may not agree or like what I wrote. That’s okay, don’t care it needed to be written.

For example Moses, King Solomon, The disciples, etc were all imparted with the wisdom of the most high to understand his teaching that they will be able to communicate the heavenly Father’s word to his people that they will know the laws, started and commandments given so the people can walk circumspectly to the will and way of the most high.

So what am I saying go to God he’ll open your understanding. To be honest with you after reading the Bible in spurts. The word makes alot of sense. The problem is that man is, have and will always be disobedient. The word will make so much sense if we stop trying to find little grey areas so we can do what it is that we want to do.