Just A Thought

Have you ever been driving past a cemetery and wonder how many people are actually six feet under that died and didn’t get it right when they were alive? How many people died with regret as the last thing on their heart and mind? Anger on their heart and mind. Bitterness on their heart and mind. Unforgiving, stress, feeling inadequate, incapable, incompetent, unaccomplished, unfulfilled, lonely, hurt, destroyed, forgotten about, etc. If you rode past a cemetery and thought this then you and I share something in common.

You know one of my main reasons for writing a blog and trying to venture off and do more. I promised myself that I am going to operate in all of my gifts and talents in this lifetime. I refuse to allow a day to go by where I am not operating as who I am designed to be. I refuse to let opportunities past me by. Because when I take my last and final breath there will be a no doubt when I make it to heaven that I did not waste my life on this earth doing the bare minimum.

I just wonder do people think much of themselves to tell themselves that.


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