I can agree with this message 100%. Young people there are too many peoe in the world that settle for being average. There is nothing wrong with standing out. The most high have blessed you with great gifts and talents that is going to distinguish you from the everyone else. It is up to you to know and understand that about yourself. There are alot of people that settle for being average because they don’t want to be perceived a certain way. They rather invest themselves in following the group instead of investing themselves in being the leader of the group.

Young people right now you are at a tender stage in your life where you are still learning and growing. Hopefully the most high has blessed you with people that see the potential in you and will point you in the right direction. You don’t need to be around people that are going to be jealous of something you have and they don’t have. They will only take away from you. They will try and stop you instead of building you up. It is very important that you surround yourself around those that are focus. Those that are heading somewhere in their life. That’s mostly people that have a plans, goals and a strategy on how they will accomplish that which they set out to do and become. Those are people that will hold you accountable. They will push you and help you by sharing resources with you that helped them elevate to the place that they are at now.

Drive, passion, tenacity, focus, will, determination, greatness, etc is contagious. Being around successful minded individuals definitely will rub off on to you. I encourage you to start surrounding yourself around people that share the same vision and goals as you. And then watch them go to work everyday on what they believe is theirs for the taking. I promise you if you are serious about the business of you. Watching someone else be serious about the business of themselves will rub off on you and challenge you to do more, be more, see more, think more and achieve more.

You will now know what the saying mean by “you are what you hang around.”

Don’t settle for average when the most high created you to be above average.