Question on @Quora: What kind of people will not succeed in life?

Found this question on Quora. Here’s my response. The people that don’t succeed in life are those that moan, groan and complain about everything. Instead of them being part of the solution they are apart of the problem. Being a problem solver is one thing that is key in life. Everyday we are running into roadblocks and stumbling blocks that we have to figure out how to find a way over, around or through a particular situation. You can’t move forward in life by always getting frustrated and having the mindset of you need to be placed in the right situation to reach you full potential. Alot of times we have the free control to create situations that we can succeed in and for others to prosper as well. You can’t be at your best if you are always making excuses for why things are worst. People have to stop waiting on someone to do for them what they can do for themselves.

You have ceased every opportunity that you are given because for some if not most people opportunities don’t come that often unless you create them for yourself. There’s is a level of belief, faith, hope and patience that go into being successful. But don’t ever forget about the level of work that you have to put forth. Most people want stuff and things but when it comes to laying that ground work very little people are will to stay and see it through. But yeah that’s my opinion and take on it.