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One of the things that hurt people is the truth. The truth does not come to give us a feel good message. It comes to divide and separate. People feel broke down and weak. That’s due to being told that you were right when you were always wrong. Never getting the proper correction and teaching that would turn males into men and females into women. Walking around constantly believing a lie and feeling proud of it. Having a bunch of yes men around feeling your ear with what you want to hear. Having a ego, an arrogance and pride that stops you from hearing the truth. The truth that helps you Develop and grow into what you need to be instead of what you want to be.

Yeah, the truth hurts but it hurts much more to live a lie, especially when you don’t have to. Nevermind the blatant honest, boldness and forthrightness. Focus on the fact that you are being escorted from the dark to the light.

Yeah, the truth hurts but it helps you realize right and wrong. That way the next time that you are in a predicament of some sort. You won’t have to guess or figure out what to do. You been there and done that. You have the tools so you already know.