So a couple of days ago on The Shop LeBron and best friend and business partner Mac Carter and Rich Paul with Governor of California Gavin Newsom signed a bill allowing college athletes to be paid while in college. This law will go into effect in 2023 but it is causing problems with the NCAA. They believe that this will hurt collegiate sports. This bill gives the student athletes the opportunity to higher lawyers and agents to represent giving the athletes full control of their destiny allowing them to maximize their earning potential.

I actually am interested in how this will play out from both sides. Because I see how this will benefit the students and I also see how this can hurt them as well but this is a business so I’m curious as to what the state of California and other states choosing to sign this bill will gain from this.

A college athlete should receive a stipend from the college that they are playing sports for. In my opinion not every student that step foot on campus signing the NCAA collegiate rule book will become professional and make the millions of bucks. I see that it’s not fair that the students go to class and practice a sport morning and afternoon session. But the school and the coaches make millions off of these young men and women. From Jersey sales to shoe deals these college kids are being pimped in a way. It seems like the college athlete is more of a athlete first then a student anyway. I mean they have to maintain a minimum of a 2.5 GPA. That’s a C average. That lets me k ow right there that these young men and women are entertainers. The job of a athlete/entertainer is to put asses in seats. Somebody has to sale those tickets and win games so that sponsorship money can keep coming in funding these school and filling the pockets of the president’s, Chancellors and coaches of these universities. Now if the student some how places their studies first and get a good education and don’t waste their time at most of these universities then good for them. But for most students their plan A is being I’m the NBA, MLB, NFL, etc draft. Not every student is going to get that privilege. Hell not every student signing a letter if intent will get the privilege of seeing playing time at some of these Big Ten, SEC, PAC 12 schools. So why not let some of these athletes get a piece of the pie. Most of these students are coming from impoverished environments and they aren’t trying to wait until they make it to the professionals to receive a payout for their hard work and dedication. They trying make it now.

I see that this can also benefit the NCAA because more and more students will want to come to college to join their programs. Which the schools will and make more money off of the retention seeing it increase due to the payout and the high competition that people will have with one another to get the chance to play for these schools. Also this will help schools that are less desirable. I mean you got the Kentucky’s, The Duke’s but seeing that all colleges will play their student athletes will give even the less desirable schools a fair chance to land a big name athlete, a once in a time generational player whether basketball, football or baseball, etc.

To me the only way that this could hurt the NCAA is if students go only for the money and not play to their full potential. But they don’t have to give each student a 30k check. No do it in stipends. Give them a certain amount of money every semester or every game. Or they can pay players based on their skill level. Like a NBA bound college athlete that shows one and done could receive 5k. While a mid to late first rounder receives 3k. Second rounder receives 1k and a bench warmer or red shirt 500-800. Or it could be based solely on stats. What’s their productivity out on the floor during games and practice.

What they should do is bring in investment people and hold seminars with these young men and women and teach them that with this money this is how much you will be getting taxed. Both state and federal. Also these are the companies and business that you want to start to invest in. That way even if some don’t make it professional or even land a good high salary paying job after college at least they got their investments to fall back on. But on the back end colleges could purposely choose the businesses for these students to invest in that are nine times out of ten a partner with the NCAA. That way both are winners.

But tell me what do you think? How will the “Pay to Play” Law affect the NCAA?