Halloween: The Witches New Year

“The greatest greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince the world that he didn’t exist”

Movie The Usual Suspects

Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

I reinvented my website talking about pagan holidays that the world’s people are partaking in. The first holiday that I talked about was Halloween but to the Witches, druids and Celts they call this holy day “Samhain.” This holiday go by many names Lemuria, All Hallows Eve, All Hallows Day, All Saints Day, Halloween and Samhain.

No matter the name the pagan rituals and beliefs that gave birth to this hell day remain the same. Throughout time this holiday has had certain rituals watered down so the masses can become unknowingly participates as the heads of society practice this holiday dark nature in its entirety without any protest of its cancellation.

What is Halloween?

Should Christians celebrate Halloween?

Is this Halloween of God or man?

Is this Halloween biblical?

Here’s a link to the blog go check out the post about Halloween in the history tab: https://fisherofmen.blog/2018/10/31/halloween-the-truth-about-one-of-the-eight-pagan-holidays/

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7 thoughts on “Halloween: The Witches New Year

  1. Do you realize that Easter and Christmas celebrations are also based on much, much older “pagan” traditions? Of course, Christians celebrate the resurrection and birth of Christ. But…Easter bunnies? Egg hunts? Festival of Lights? Decorating trees? Santa Claus? Exchanging Presents?

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    • Absolutely they do. Most of all of these holidays have pagan origins that date back to ancient Babylon. Easter is the worship of Semiramis or the name Ishtar where the Celts get the name Easter from which became a Christian holiday.
      Honestly I just haven’t got around to fully researching and publishing these so called holy days yet. But I definitely agree with you sir.


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